Easy Weekend Outfits for Running Errands

It’s the unspoken rule of life: the one day you decide to run to the store in your armpit-stained sorority T-shirt and Soffe shorts (that should have been retired at puberty) — that will be the one day you run into your ex.

How to Dress for Your Body (Without Comparing It to Fruit)

We’ve grown up reading magazine articles on how to dress for certain body types. How to dress for “pear shape” or “apple shape,” or maybe you considered yourself a part of the “ruler” category, describing “lean, narrow-hipped women with small chests.”

Best Spring Sandals 2019

In my opinion, the best part of Spring isn’t just the warmer weather, it’s that I get to slip into a pair of chic sandals.

How to Wear Leggings in the Summer

No clothing item seems quite as pervasive these days as a good pair of leggings. With the advent of athleisure, they’re no longer just the go-to for a trip to the gym, but also for a coffee run and even a cross-continental flight.