On a Balloon to the Edge of Space with Spaceship Neptune

Transport design studio PriestmanGoode has developed a concept for a high-performance balloon and pressurised capsule for Space Perspective to take space tourists on a “cruise” around the stratosphere.

Colour Combination Ideas For Your Living Room Design

Discover some of the most beautiful living room design ideas & colour combinations, from subtle and cosy to daring and confident by some of the world’s top interior designers.

Summer is Here: Is it Time to Replace Your AC?

Summer heat (canicule) is on the way. It’s provide a wonder chance to hangout outside, but it also mean an expanded strain on your home’s cooling system.

The World’s Most Powerful Quantum Computer

The machine, situated in a 1,500-square-foot high-security storeroom in Boulder, Colorado, comprises of a solid steel chamber about the size of a basketball that is cooled by fluid helium at a temperature…

Handcrafted and Extraordinary Helicopter Bed

Creative and exceptionally technical, this bespoke themed aviation bed comes total with a customized dashboard, joystick, in-assembled USB ports, speakers, walkie-talkies and blazing tail lights. There’s also a top-deck work area and…

New Apple Leak Reveals Missing iPhone 12 Feature

Another report has backed up claims that Apple exclude a couple of EarPods with the iPhone 12 handsets when they released later this year. The news comes from Wedbush’s Dan Ives, as…

4 Mobile Charging Mistakes You Should Stop Making

With the rise in usage of cellphones and different devices, installing safety-approved apps and anti-virus among others is imperative to keep up a solid healthy virtual social activity. But, one thing people…

07 Ways to Style Your Favorite Graphic Tee

On many occasions, I reach for that tee more than all else in my closet. Backyard bbq party with a bosom friend (pre-social distancing)? Budweiser tee. Hitting up Old Town bars in…

5 Reasons Why Xbox Series X will Beat PS5

With a much larger install base and progressively favorite exclusive, there is no doubt that the PS4 has sufficiently crushed/ defeated the Xbox One through the course of this generation.

European Trends to Follow this Summer

With COVID-19 still a worldwide pandemic, you may haven’t gotten the opportunity to see that summer collection started dropping a couple of weeks ago.

The Spectacular Underground Eco Home

This underground house in Mexico City is made by architect Javier Senosiain of Arquitectura Organica. Designed to flawlessly mix with its nearby natural scene