These Are The 12 Hottest Hollywood Hair Colors To Try In 2017

Hair Color Ideas 2017

Sitting in the salon chair for five hours is worth it when you absolutely love your hair color! Though dye services can be expensive and the upkeep is necessary, hair color continues to rise in popularity. It’s undeniably one of the top ways women (and men!) have been expressing themselves in the beauty world. We’ve seen everything from rainbow colors to unique techniques take off. And we expect 2017 to be the same  people will be coloring their hair more than ever.

To help you find the ideal shade for your skin tone and taste, we consulted with top industry colorists. Here, you’ll discover 12 of what are predicted to be the top dye trends for 2017. Spoiler: red is very, very in. Keep reading and get ready to screen shot your favorite!

1. Ebony Brown

Hair Color Ideas 2017
The color: Ebony Brown as seen on Bella Hadid
Description: “Ask for a rich and very dark brown all-over color,” advised Christine Thompson of Spoke & Weal. “You can still see tone in the hair although it is very dark. Bring pictures! Having a photo is the best way for you to maintain reference with your colorist. Finish with a gloss for the shine and refection we see in Bella’s hair.”
Who it works for: “For anyone with medium to light skin, this hair color is gorgeous for Winter. It’s a versatile color, flattering for almost every skin tone. The contrast between pale skin and a rich ebony brown is striking. For darker skin tones, go in and ask for a rich brown gloss even if your hair is black. Even our natural hair color fades over the time it grows out; the ends are usually a little lighter or appear drab or faded. So making your hair richer with a cooler brown undertone to it will keep it looking on point.”

2. Liquid Amber

Hair Color Ideas 2017
The color: Liquid Amber as seen on Jessica Chastain
Description: “Ask for all-over amber color,” Thompson said. “Use a color line (I recommend Aveda) that has a more natural iridescent quality to it. Color lines with more iridescent (vs. more opaque color) will allow for subtle hues of gold and light copper to come out. The color has a very clear quality to it. Finish with a color gloss.”
Who it works for: “People with green or blue eyes,” she explained. “It is great for people with light or medium skin tones. Most people are fairer during Winter, and these all-over rich colors look beautiful against the lighter tones.”

3. Brunette Babylights

Hair Color Ideas 2017
The color: Brunette Babylights as seen on Chrissy Teigen
Description: “Chrissy’s babylights easily soften her otherwise monochromatic brunette hair color,” said Redken celebrity colorist Tracey Cunningham. “But the placement and tone of the babylights makes her hair feel rich and seductive, not beachy. Keeping a deeper root is a great way to avoid a strong line of outgrowth.”
Who it works for: “Warm babylights, baby-fine highlights placed throughout the hair, give brunettes the perfect ‘pick-me-up’ by boosting skin tone, especially in the cold Winter months when one’s skin is naturally one or two shades lighter. The look works well on any brunette, no matter if they have a warmer or cooler skin tone, and the color of the babylights can be adjusted to best complement the client. I love a caramel or honey on someone with warmer skin and a chestnut shade on someone with fairer skin.”

4. Rich Red

Hair Color Ideas 2017
The color: Rich Red as seen on Isla Fisher
Description: “Isla does a beautiful Winter red. It’s so warm and rich,” said Cunningham. “This red is also a bit more monochromatic and very manicured, which lends itself to a more seasonally appropriate feel.”
Who it works for: “Adding a pop of chestnut into red hair creates a smoldering hue that perfectly complements light or fair skin tones,” she noted. “It is important to note that red hair color can become lackluster after a few weeks, so try routine maintenance with a professional gloss service (I swear by Redken Shades EQ). Sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner at home will keep your red hair color looking as fresh and vibrant as when you first leave the salon chair.”

5. Nude Hair

Hair Color Ideas 2017
The color: Nude Hair as seen on Cara Delevingne
Description: “This hair color has a very neutral tone to pair with your skin and create an overall nude look,” said Matrix Socolor celebrity colorist George Papanikolas. “Natural blondes are usually born with this hair color.”
Who it works for: “Nude hair is perfect for neutral or golden complexions,” he said. “Cool skin tones should avoid this as it can look drab and wash them out. It’s also ideal when you have a lighter starting level. Dark hair will need to be prelightened first to achieve this tone.”

6. Ruby Red

Hair Color Ideas 2017
The color: Ruby Red as seen on Lily Collins
Description: “Jewel tones are the bolder version of the pastel trend, but they’re not as intense as the ultravibrant punk colors,” said Papanikolas. “Shades like Quartz Pink, Ruby Red, and Sapphire Blue incorporated into soft ribbons and color melts.”
Who it works for: “Jewel tones are more of a fashion shade,” he noted. “You don’t need to worry about them complementing your skin as they don’t happen in nature. With these colors, pick your favorite and which will most likely pair with your wardrobe. Lightening is also required, so it is much easier for those with lighter hair. Dark hair will need to consider the stress the processing puts on the hair.”

7. Auburn Flame

Hair Color Ideas 2017
The color: Auburn Flame as seen on Priyanka Chopra
Description: “In doing trend research for 2017, I’m inspired by the 10 trending Pantone colors,” Jason Backe, L’Oréal Professionnel Artist (he was also a co-owner of Ted Gibson salon). “Auburn Flame is a deep, rich brunette with an undertone and slight reflect of copper.”
Who it works for: “Auburn Flame will work on any complexion,” he said. “Just remember on a more olive complexion, a red copper is best to help neutralize the skin tone. On a pink complexion, a true copper is best because it will minimize the pink tones.”

8. Hazelnut Blonde

Hair Color Ideas 2017
The color: Hazelnut Blonde as seen on Rita Ora
Description: “Hazelnut Blonde is a light, neutral blond with an ultrarefined golden undertone,” said Backe.
Who it works for: “Hazelnut Blonde will be great on neutral to warm skin tones (those who tan easily),” he explained. “The slight golden undertone will keep the complexion bright and warm.”

9. Mink Brunette

Hair Color Ideas 2017
The color: Mink Brunette as seen on Natalie Portman
Description: “This rich, French brown has all the details of the tonal qualities of iridescent and a very soft muted mahogany,” said L’Oréal Professionnel artist Nancy Braun. “That dash of mahogany assures that it is a rich brunette, however, not red.” She also had advice for how to execute the color details: “As an addition to modernize the look from the 1960s, place a few delicate face-framing balayage pieces to highlight the eyes.”
Who it works for: “This look is a great option for women with warm, sallow skin tones.”

10. Whispers of Copper Gold

Hair Color Ideas 2017
The color: Whispers of Copper Gold as seen on Amy Adams
Description: “This beautiful color is multiple shading of gold and coppers,” said Braun. “L’Oréal Professionnel’s Smartbond is also great, so that you can protect the hair fibers from the sensitivity of the dyes. This color plays with five to six variations of tones.” She advises to mix a rich golden blond base with balayage and face-framing golden balayage highlights.
Who it works for: “This is a great option for fair hair and skin tones,” she said. “The nonammonia formula is an ideal selection for redheads as it fades less and lasts longer.

11. Ice Platinum

Hair Color Ideas 2017
The color: Ice Platinum as seen on Coco Rocha
Description: “[The color is] reminiscent of ice sculptures,” said Carlina Ortega, a colorist at the Rita Hazan Salon in NYC. “It is white to off-white in tone and also incorporates hints of lavender, gray, and pale blue.”
Who it works for: “Ice platinum works well on natural light brown to lighter hair,” she explained. “This color complements skin with pink undertones best. It’s a very high-maintenance color, so if you’re thinking about asking your colorist for it, just know you’ll be seeing him or her a lot on your frequent salon visits for upkeep and treatments. At home, you’ll want to deep condition regularly and use a purple shampoo. This color is for someone who doesn’t mind attention or seeks it, so if you’re ready for heads turning, you’re going to enjoy having this color.”

12. Double Chocolate

Hair Color Ideas 2017
The color: Double Chocolate as seen on Selena Gomez
Description: “It’s a very rich color that starts with a dark brown base that is then topped with subtle highlights (just a shade lighter) and finishes off with a warm golden gloss for extra shine,” described Ortega.
Who it works for: “It’s hard to go wrong with brown on brown or double chocolate, but olive-skinned beauties are in luck because this shade complements them best,” she said. “It is not typically seen as a glamorous color, but the advantages of this subtle color combo are beyond compare. Not only does it highlight your natural features with its hints of gold, but it is also very low maintenance. Your normal shampoo and condition routine should work fine. This look is for the woman who exudes beauty from within to the point that any extra attention would be too much. It will attract quality over quantity.”

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