Top 10 Asian Fashion Designer

Asian Fashion Designers PicsAsia is the largest continent and yet largest in terms of all aspects . Its inhabitants are of all kinds which makes it so diverse in all aspects. People from all over the world admire Asia for the amazing creativity done by its fashion designers.

 Here is a list of the Top ten asian fashion designers who are known all over the world and their collection is a must see .

1.Jimmy choo

Most Famous Fashion DesignerNow this fashion designer is one of my personal favourite. Jimmy Choo started his career by making a mark in  Vogue magazine which  featured his shoes in a record 8-page full back in 1988.It was since then only that the royals from all across the globe, ranging form  Princess Diana wearing his shoes This  further made him attain more fame and  his work upon their royal heels started. Although his shoes might not be the most extravagant or groundbreaking; they are hands-down beautiful, profound and comfortable. The combination of stylish yet comfortable shoes makes him more desirable for his stuff.

2. Issey Miyake

Fashion Designer PicturesAs oppose to the Fashion designers, who  usually experiment along the same lines  like The Little Black Dress. The Wrap Dress. This Japanese-born designer played pleats of different forms, elasticity, textures and yarn to make a name for himself.His fabrics have the charm of wrapping around the wearer’s body really well. He is also famous for his fragrances.

3. Mason Jung

Best Fashion DesignerThis designer belongs to the South Korea and is based in London. He is famous for exploring the simplest form of garment in a complex construction . He creates suits that are from a blanket. A designer of such immense skills in garment making is a rare find. He is famous for his echo-form collection that came out in 1999.

4.Yeoh Lee

Top Fashion Designer

This fashion designer is from Malaysia. However his work  found colossal success in America where her love for textures, patterns and silhouette management is admired and widely accepted. She has also been awarded for her work by  the Smithsonian’s Cooper Hewitt National Design Award for fashion design in 2004 .

5. Alexander Wang

Girl Fashion Designer

This fashion designer is a master of dark colors and comfortable clothing. He started off with menswear that included hoodies, T-shirts and basic outerwear varsities. With time he attained massive success and started dressing the celeb’s

6. Daiki Suzuki

Mature Fashion Designer

This fashion designer is famous for Engineering garments . He designs American sports wear and work wear. Overall his work is very experimental yet innovative.

7. Rei Kawakubo

Female Fashion Designer

Graduating was all Kawakubo needed to become one of the top fashion Designers. His is notorious for coming out with a new thing to cater to people every year.whether you find it in the silhouettes, constructions, mind-boggling textures or colors. Whatever he does is new to the eyes and appreciated.

8. Daisuke Obana

Cool Fashion Designer

This is the fashion designer who masters the street fashion along with fine tailoring skills. His main focus is particularly on males and his sense of styling is astounding.

9. Humberto Leon & Carol Lim

Couple Fashion Designer

This duo started quite humbly with Opening Ceremony, a retail, showroom and gallery. Ever since then they are known for modern, wearable and diverse clothing. What really puts them on our list, is the deliverance they brought to Kenzo, a fading fashion house established by Kenzo Takada. This is one reason this duo is spectacular.

10. Juun. J

Young  Fashion Designer

In 2007, South Korean  Fashion designer Juun. J debuted his premier menswear collection in Paris. Since then he has made a mark in merging classic tailoring with modern silhouettes and demonstrating endlessly mind-blowing details of garments that makes them standout. He is famous for his jackets, pullovers and bombers.

These are the top ten fashion designers that are worth mentioning.

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