Size Zero Girls Being Called Less Attractive

size-zero-girls-being-called-less-attractiveLatest research has suggested that young men find normal sized curvy women much more attractive than size zero celebrities. The study shows that girls with an average weight and build were ranked as being most attractive and healthy. This research is for young women who live an unhealthy eating routine just to become size 0. They should accept that being underweight is not considered attractive any more.The research was conducted around 84 females. 84 female students were asked a variety of questions on their health. Their blood pressure was taken they were then photographed. Their photographs were then shown to a group of male students. The male students were asked to rate them for health, attractiveness and weight. To the surprise of size 0 promoters people in the normal weight range were judged healthier and more attractive than under or overweight individuals. The people making judgments in this study were all between the ages of 18 and 26 and they did not rate underweight girls most attractive. They preferred normal weight girls.

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