Day 1: Copenhagen Fashion week kicks off featuring “tiny pleasures”

Copenhagen Fashion Week kicked off Wednesday, with a fabulous opening show featuring “tiny pleasures” by Scandinavian designers for the 2011 spring and summer.

The fashion and color trends of the 2011 spring and summer collections, unveiled at the Fashion Week by famous designers from Danish and all over the world, are all about “sharing” and “tiny pleasures,” the fair’s organizers said.

The show of Copenhagen conveys the message that young adults in modern society seek to “construct a tender refuge to escape from the vagaries of the world,” the organizers said.

This time, green, blue and verdigris are the favorite colors as trend setters view them as representing freshness, natural flair, and subtle harmony as well as a means to downplay the effects of the global financial crisis.

The year 2011 fashion trends also place emphasis on classical elegance. Navy, black and anthracite as well as cross-cultural colors influenced by traditions of Asian countries like Japan, India, Jordan, Yemen and Turkey, reinterpret dressy essentials in a sophisticated yet carefree style.

Copenhagen Fashion Week, which was launched in 1964, now has become the largest fashion event in northern Europe, and takes place twice a year in February and August.

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