Who Let The Dogs Out At Paris Fashion Week!

Fashion designer Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy let the dogs rather snarling teeth-baring Rottweilers out on the runway at Paris Fashion Week to showcase his 2011 menswear collection!

No, don’t get me wrong for it was not the real Rottweiler modeling for Givenchy, but real models with ‘Rottweilers’ as the central motif of the collection. They appeared an angry pack with baggy dress shirts and shorts; they were appliquéd solo onto baggy sweatshirts (above the capital letters RTTWLR and between the words ‘est’ and ‘1995’) and were even employed as an all-over print across the yoke and down the arms of a shirt.

Outfits were accessorized with dog-collar and dog-leash belts or dog-harness backpack straps, but the most curious items were the hats, which were round domed hats in black or brown, each sported a small visor in the front and a pair of dog ears up top.

In addition to that, there were jackets with zip-in vests and a three-quarters-length fur vest layering piece, but the disconnect itself was the scene stealer. All in all, the show looked like a ‘Zoolander’-level fashion show parody with no payoff!

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