Advantages of Nuts Over Flesh Foods

advantages-of-nuts-over-flesh-foods(1) Animal proteins are derived from tissue wastes of the animal. Whereas nuts contain no wastes, they are picked from trees and used in their raw form in most cases.

(2) Animal proteins are charged with cadaveric poisons and micro-organisms that are in a state of decomposition. Nuts free from germs as they are aseptic. Fresh, dried or salted beef contains 3,000,000 to 30,000,000 bacteria to the ounce. Nuts are free from animal parasites, such as tape-worms found in fish and in meat such as pork.

(3) Nuts can stay from spoiling and rotting for months.(4) Nuts require no cooking, frying, broiling, or spicing. They can be consumed in their original form

(5) The mineral content found in nuts is one-third grain per ounce. Some nuts are especially high in lime content. The almond contains 1 1/2 grains of lime per ounce; the filbert has 1% grains per ounce.

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