Summer New Look for Your Bedroom!

New Look Bedroom Design 2011 FashionIt is not always moving to a new place and decorating your room, you can always give a new look to your room by changing a few things in it just by going with the latest trends in fashion. Summer time is here and it is the perfect time to give your room a new look.

Never be conscious about the wrong dilemma that you can give new look to your room only by buying new stuff like furniture, bed spreads, lamps etc. It is extremely wrong. In order to give a new look to your room all you need is to be a little bit innovative and plan a few things. Here are a few tips for giving a new look to your room living and lifestyle without spending a penny on buying new stuff.

Clean out the mess
This is the first step in giving your room a new look. It’s time for some seasonal cleaning and getting rid of old and worn out stuff which you don’t want anymore. Summer time is ideal for such cleaning as you might get a day off from work, or a weekend would be good too. If you are a college student then it is even more ideal because it is a time for summer holidays. Make a list and start sorting out stuff that you don’t want as a part of your room’s new look. It is great to make your place clutter free as it allows you to do less cleaning all the time and your room doesn’t look messy.

Change the position of furniture
Just by moving a chair from the corner of your room and placing it stylishly at some angle at a different place will suddenly give your room a completely new look. Therefore, try to change the places of your furniture like bed, writing table, chest of drawers, dressing table etc. This will allow a wave of new look touch your room effectively. If you think that it is hard to change the place of your bed then move the lighter furniture items to different places. Try to bring in some fresh air in your room by just switching places of a few furniture pieces. Also, if you feel that there is some extra furniture piece which doesn’t go with your desired new look then try to get rid of it by getting it out of the room.

Add light effects
Summer season is all about light and fresh colors that bring calmness to your room. Therefore, don’t make your room dull and gloomy by taking out the light element. Try to incorporate trendy light effects as a part of your room’s new look. Lamps with nice colored shades on them are ideal as they bring in a lot of light and comfort. Yellow light is always preferable for summer season. Also, try to select lighter shades of curtain or window blinds so that when the sun shines, the light through your window brings in more color and vibrancy in your room with a new look.

Hence, just by following these three simple tips and tricks and not spending a penny you can easily create a new look for your room as part of the summer season 2011. Enjoy the season and let your imagination take over in bringing a new look to your room. 

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