The Magic Of Colors

We all love colors and love to play with them; each color encapsulates a whole new world of feelings, and expressions. Colors are magical where they make us happier and more vivacious they can also be our turn offs.

Just as we carefully select colors for a painting, similarly they should be carefully selected to wear as each color has a different impact on our personality. They become an expression of our thoughts and moods. They carry within them the themes of our soul.

Red, a symbol of love and passion, desire and craving, energy and vitality is extensively used in fashion. It is the flame of the human soul and creates a blazing effect on the wearer. Wear it to heighten up your excitement, energy and confidence and sensuality. Don’t wear it too much if you are aggressive by nature. A person who favors red is usually characterized with extreme desire of experiencing every emotion to the fullest.

White, a timeless classical color. It goes well with every color. It is considered a good summer color because of its quality to reflect light. You can choose white tops and combine them with any color you want, may be a denim jeans or grey skirt. White is the color of innocence and purity. Its gentleness gives you a persona of simplicity. You can wear white to brighten up your mood.

Black, all time favorite of girls for its slimming qualities and gives you a perfect shape and color. It acts as a great complementary color for accessories like pink sparkling clutch or a diamond necklace. It is a good choice for formal parties. Its mysteriousness gives you a feeling of depth and elegance. In some cultures it is also considered as the color of mourning, an absolute boundary where life ceases and gives you an emo, dark and evil look. However every girl loves to wear it on her first date as it elevates facial tone and features, may be that’s why they say Black Beauty!

Yellow, the color of sunshine and happiness, a spring fresh flower that creates attraction and excitement. It suggests a fun loving persona of a happy cheerful free spirit girl. It is usually loved by those who desire of change and innovation. It creates an air of warmth, joy and mental stimulation. Yellow makes a perfect combination with lucid colors and creates a striking youthful look. For example, yellow t shirt with turquoise polka dot mini skirt.

Blue, the color of sky and ocean is the coolest of all. It brings out a very soothing and relaxing feeling and acts as a natural refresher. When eyes look at the blue, it brings out peace in the central nervous system and gives you an image of a calm, composed and relaxed person. It makes a very serene and refreshing combination with white. Wear it if you want to lessen your aggressive disposition.

Pink, a color especially made for a girlie’s cheerful, sweet and sensitive soul. Girls in pink tends to portray a very sweet and pleasant image which looks enchanting and attractive to guys. It is the color of cotton candy floating on the clouds of everlasting affection of tender love.

Each color writes a different story on the body of its wearer. Don’t stick to one color as it will make you look rather dull, fill your life and your wardrobe with myriads of colors and enchant yourself with the eternal magic of these colors.

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