Timeless Fashion Collection

Every woman must have some fashion collection that is eternal and timeless, that knows no season. Since these pieces are never out of style, they are the best last minute alternatives to make you look fabulously stunning with their ever green fashion appeals.

The Pantsuit

Before sixties, women were all seen in skirts but it was Yves Saint Laurent who made dressing in trousers acceptable and popular and today pantsuit is a staple in a woman’s wardrobe. It looks extremely elegant and graceful for both office and cocktail hour. Investing in a fine quality, well tailored pantsuit is definitely a wise decision.The Trench

First designed by Thomas Burberry in 1901 as a raincoat for army officers, since then it has been a trademark of class and style. These days, designers are playing with a lot of vibrant colors to choose from. The trench has undoubtedly become a timeless fashion to make you look hip and trendy even in coldest and wettest of days.

A Pair of Perfect Jeans

Jeans are the ultimate clothing that you can wear from day to night once they are worn; the kind of dress that you can wear torn or patched and nobody is going to stare at you. Its casual yet sexy for it makes your butt and body look absolutely stunning. Don’t think twice if you come across a good pair of jeans for it is a fashion trend that is always ‘in’

Black Pumps

Who can resist the charm of those shiny black cute pumps, truly irresistible is their magical aura that goes with everything. Black pumps are a must have essentials for the wardrobe of fashion conscious women of not only today, but tomorrow as well for they are timeless and eternal.

White Shirt

A truly classic item that looks always stylish and graceful. Wear it with anything and it will look just great. A crisp tailored white shirt is the best option for versatility. It gives a classy and clean look that can be easily enhanced with few great accessories.

A Big Bag

Designers are coming up with lots of hip designs and funky colors to carry all your goods in a single jumbo sized bag that is stylish yet handy. A perfect fashion essential for day time shopping, travelling and office.

Pencil Skirt

Introduced by Christian Dior in 50’s, Pencil skirt enhances the feminine curves in such an amazing way giving her a perfect form, that looks graceful yet extremely sensual. A pencil skirt will always remain a classic fashion essential because of its delicate, lady like aura. Don’t be afraid to try brighter shades like purple, orange to add extra glamour.

A Clutch Purse

The best choice for formal evening wear, a sweet little clutch looks not only graceful but groovy as well. Be it in dazzling colors and sparkly glitters or be it a casual snake skin clutch, it never fails to overwhelm with its delicately feminine aura.

The Little Black Dress

A closet remains always incomplete unless it has a perfect cute little black dress; every woman should have that she can throw on at the last minute and look perfectly beautiful. Be it on the first date or be it a formal evening party, a black dress would always shine in the glow of its mysterious beauty.

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