10 Fresh Ways to Wear Denim Cut-Offs

denim cut offs wearing styles

Denim cut offs are a perennial summer classic, but when the weather calls for casual shorts and tees everyday it’s easy to fall into a fashion rut. Luckily, a good pair of cut offs can be just as versatile as they are comfortable. We’ve rounded up ten of our favorite ways to style your cut off shorts this summer, so you’ll feel stylish no matter how long that heat wave lasts!

1. With a romantic lace top and gladiator sandals.

gladiator sandals

The neutral color of the sandals keeps them from overpowering the delicate lace top and the flat heel makes them perfect for running around in enchanted forests, like you do. You wish! OK, we all wish.

2. With a whole lot of fringe and even more jewelry.

women jewelry

When it comes to layering jewelry, the more diverse the mix, the cooler the look — gold, silver, beads, string, it’s all good.

3. With a matching denim jacket and a half-tucked button-down.

Summer Denim Cut Offs

High heels add a little polish, but sneakers would be just as cute. Then again, if you don’t actually live in California, eating at In-N-Out Burger is kind of a big fucking deal, so in this case, heels are totally justified, as is this girl’s amazing take-out-bag-shaped purse. So good!

4. With an oversize jersey and some equally oversize earrings.

denim cut offs with oversize jersey

High-top sneakers will keep the look from getting too top-heavy and really help sell that whole “cool kids hang out behind the bleachers” thing you’ve got going.

5. With daytime sparkle from top to toe.

denim cut offs daytime sparkle

It’s pretty much impossible to look overdressed in a pair of cutoff denim overalls, so let your sparkle flag fly for all you’re worth.

6. With a printed silk shirt and a sick pair of heels.

denim street style

Yes, you can mix black and brown leather accessories. In fact, I encourage it.

7. With a graphic T-shirt and lots of minimalist jewelry.

chick street style

Sometimes even short shorts just aren’t short enough, and when that happens, you roll and you roll until you can’t roll no more!

8. With a high-fashion bomber jacket and a low heel.

new york street style

Of course, not all denim cutoffs have to be crotch-high. Mark my words; slouchy denim boyfriend shorts are the future!

9. With an open-knit sweater and some serious leather.

cut offs short

What did people even do before motorcycle jackets? I mean besides just sitting around looking a hell of a lot less cool.

10. With soft layers and tough sunglasses.

street fashion

Mirrored aviators are to sunglasses what black leather biker jackets are to, well, all other jackets. In other words, they’re cool as shit. Always. Forever. Mic drop.


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