8 Gift Ideas for Quarantine Birthday Celebrations

Many people will be celebrating their birthdays while self-isolating during the COVID-19 epidemic. In lieu of the usual get-togethers and house parties, birthday celebrations will likely be done on live streams or group conference calls because of the need to social distance. If any of your loved ones happen to be celebrating their birthday while there’s a stay at home order, why not brighten their day with a gift?

Obviously, you’ll have to be a bit more creative with what you’re going to give this time around. Gifts like taking your friend out on a trip or even spending time with them are out of the question in 2020. Moreover, some items just can’t be delivered to their doorstep for one reason or another. When faced with this situation, what quarantine-friendly options do you have when it comes to gifts?

1. Socks. While it might seem cliché, socks are still a well-appreciated and practical birthday gift that you can give to someone. Most clothing shops are closed and sizes in online stores always vary, but socks are a necessity that people will always be happy to receive. Get socks with designs that match the celebrant’s personality. You can also keep things simple by getting comfy socks like the relaxing socks for men by Burlix.

2. A postcard. This gift option is a great idea if the birthday celebrant lives overseas or is far away from you. After all, self-isolation can make people feel lonelier than usual, especially if they have a birthday coming up. Receiving a postcard in the mail will surely brighten their day and remind them that there are people out there who are thinking of them, even from afar.

3. Free months of their streaming subscriptions. If you know what the celebrant’s current streaming subscriptions are, you can find out how much the monthly or quarterly fee costs and send the amount to them via PayPal, Venmo, or Cash App. Make sure to include a short message on the transfer note to let them know what the money’s for and to wish them a happy birthday.

4. Personalized gift boxes. There are a lot of businesses out there that specialize in creating customized gift boxes for any occasion. Look around online to see what your options are and select a box full of the celebrant’s favorite things (candies, perfume, bath products, etc.). Make it as personal as you’d like! The best part about these services is that they can deliver the box straight to the birthday celebrant’s residence. Ask them to leave it at their front door if you want contactless delivery.

5. Collaborative video messages or slideshows from all your mutual friends. This hands-free option is a nice and thoughtful gift because you can get as many people as possible to pitch in. Ask friends and family to record a short birthday message or create a digital birthday card that you can compile into a heartwarming video message, then send it to the celebrant via email. You can even schedule the email to get sent to them at the stroke of midnight on their birthday!

6. Flowers or plants. If the celebrant loves flowers or possesses a green thumb, why not send some blooms their way on their birthday? A beautiful bouquet of flowers or a few potted plants will surely brighten anyone’s special day. Moreover, plants and flowers can help elevate the ambiance in one’s home. Look around online for vendors who offer flower or plant deliveries in the celebrant’s area to make things easier.

7. Press-on nails. Is the birthday celebrant someone who loves getting their nails done? Send them a set of press-on nails so they can keep their nails looking sharp even while they’re self-isolating at home. You can easily buy press-on nails online from Kiss New York, Ardell, and other brands, or you can go the extra mile and have a custom set created with colors and a design that the celebrant will love. It might not be the same as a trip to their trusted nail tech, but they’ll surely appreciate your gesture!

8. Adult coloring books. Self-isolation can often be boring for a lot of people, and finding something to do can be a constant struggle. Give the birthday celebrant a gift that will bring them hours of artistic joy: an adult coloring book. With the intricate designs on each page, your gift will surely keep the celebrant busy for the weeks to come.

Unexpected surprises can go a long way at this time. This is especially true for anyone who is celebrating their birthday while in quarantine. Putting in the effort to send someone a birthday gift, especially a tangible one, will mean so much more this year to your friends and family.

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