Warmly Cozy Footie PJs- Women Romantic Sleepwear

Soft warm and friendly footie PJs have unveiled their coziness for women winter fashion trends. They are in queue to comfort women chilling nights as they do for kids and babies. Various styles and patterns of your all time baby favorite footie pajamas are ready to grasp for you now.

Nevertheless, the fashion mania is hitting women market revamping winter collection and diversifying fashion senses for days and nights. But night stuff is usually the neglected one as no many trends behold them. You just look forward for comfort and ease and find ordinary sleeping dress, glittery nighty or gown midway. But what a freezing night offers you is the romance of footies as your best winter sleepwear choice.

New designs for footie PJs

Footie PJs have courteous designs keeping your night chores in mind.

  • They are slip proof at bottom so that you may get out of bed hurriedly to walk anywhere. Now they have full vinyl, vinyl grip and rubber marks at bottom to avoid slipping.
  • New designs have also incorporated detachable feet or a slit so that you can take your feet out through to remove footie quickly.
  • Most of the footie pajamas have snaps or zippers that stretch from the toe of one foot up to the collar and are easy to wear and remove.

New styles in footie PJs

A camouflage footie pajama has sewn feet as integral part and is a very popular style for women sleepwear, intimate terry cloth footie pjs, Jersey Knit, and new seafoam and lavender plaid available in cotton flannel are more amiable and relaxing. Some of the most popular fabrics for footie pajamas include cotton footie pajamas and fleece footie pajamas.

These flabby and luscious footie PJs are part of recent fashion trends. They are not only warmest but drive your sleeping journey to fantasy land to make you feel the love and passion of your lost childhood. At the moment they are your best pals and companions on bed. But keep your fashion nose alert because they are not clumsy, heavy and itching in turn they are here in your most loving fabric, configurations, hues and prints.

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