Your Style According To Your Zodiac Sign Aries

People born under the sun sign Aries are fashionable people. They love to follow fashion and look trendy. But nothing frilly or too feminine catches their fancy. Aries are obsessed with the color red. Red can be seen frequently in their accessories, lipstick, car and gadgets.Aries dress statement says ‘Don’t mess with me’! Aries are no-nonsense people and their dress speaks for that. An Aries woman does nothing that can slow her down. This is the only reason why she avoids heels. She prefers dressing up in pants and flats rather than skirts in dresses. Close fitting clothes are preferred by Aries, a tight top and trousers instantly adds to their quick style.

Since Aries are very direct and dynamic their approach towards fashion is also very practical. They choose what is easy to maintain and mix and match with accessories. They organize their wardrobe in a way where they do not have to spend hours to look for what to wear.

Aries love the soft romantic look. They like fabrics that are light and fluffy. They dress with the sole motive of getting attention and to be the center of all the glances.

The colors for Aries are:

Red and black.

In Aries boots and big bags stand out in their attire.

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