Harry Styles for Gucci Tailoring

Harry Styles is known for his unabashedly bold style of dressing, Harry Styles highlights refined tailoring details in a mix of pattern and color. The latest sartorial pieces demonstrate the excellent work of craftsmanship. Along with piglet and swans, he exhibited the most inspirational and exquisite dressing skills. His tailored cuts are unique in a way.

Harry is photographed in settings that play on the house’s eclectic aesthetic while his acting skills are put into practice.

Challenging the conventions of men’s suiting as Harry appears in flamboyant, color-clashing, modern pieces. The styling we can see Harry photographed in, follows his own style evolution. As his stylist Harry Lambert told Miss Vogue on the eve of the Met Gala, we’re about to enter a whole new fashion chapter for the musician and actor as the anticipation for his second solo album builds.

There are less of the floral suits that dominated the early campaigns and his tour looks, with now more of a focus on a mash-up of eclectic pieces coming together.

The singer has become frequently donning bright colors and eye-catching patterns.

Styles wears a variety of striking suits in order to showcase Italian fashion house’s “vision for a new formal wardrobe“. The campaign was photographed by American film director Harmony Korine.

In another picture taken by Korine for the campaign, Styles wears the same bandana with a royal blue, velvet suit, a swan perched on his right hand.

Accompanied as in the past by a gang of animals – this time piglets and swans – Styles plays an eccentric yet nonchalant character, surrounded by his pets in a classical environment, reflecting the House’s vision for a new formal wardrobe.

Furthermore, there are other better options one can try to enhance one’s suiting experience.

Andre Emilio Collection

There is brand called Andre Emilio which is dedicated to men’s elegance. The unparalleled quality of fabric and accurate stitching paved the way for new cut, fittings, designs and colors.

The brand is built on its highly personalized service that is reliant on the relationship between the craftsman and the customer. They style, cloth, cut and fit are impeccably tailored to the gentlemen’s requirements.

Luxury Suiting

Andre Emilio tailoring process transforms the cloth into a piece of art. The bespoke process is the peak of the sartorial precision. Exquisite, hand worked details are added as the garment reaches completion –fine buttonholes, horn buttons and other discreet items reflect our attention to detail. The end result is an elegant garment that will last a lifetime.

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