Middle-Class Buying Luxury Again — But at a Bargain

If you look just a decade back, you will be able to observe it clearly that the middle classes never even did imagine that they will be able to afford luxury items of clothing or luxury goods ever alike to the rich section of the society. Along with the growing usage of accessing goods offered with heavy discounts or those on sales, the middle-class people started to meet their thirst by buying luxury goods at a cheap rate.

Nordstrom anniversary sale made it so easier for them, that the class does not really matter these days so much. As today, it is not only the middle classes who avail these discounts, rather many high-class shoppers do complete their shopping within this time of the year when a bulk amount of goods are put on sale.

It is all about the quality and money value which matters as of now. Somewhere, the middle classes are those bunch of people who value quality more over the social status. They try to get the optimum value of their money by hook or by crook.

They do not just opt to buy clothes whichever they end up to like. It is more of valuing your necessity first and that is what you will see them doing whenever they are out there shopping. The middle-class citizens might opt for getting clothes in bulk amount but either they shop just once a year or hardly twice.

So you really cannot compare their strategy of shopping to that of the rich people who are born to enjoy the lavish lifestyle. Moreover, with the emergence of online shopping, be it any electronic gadget or a leather bag, they are going to compare its price from all the trusted online stores and they will go for the one which has the best deals.

They try to save more bucks actually cause somewhere deep down they have reached this point after utter struggles and they know what to value more, these luxury outfits or the food and shelter.

There are five things which they consider to think about the most before buying anything. Those are:

  • Type and Design

Taste of clothes differs from one person to another on the basis of their lifestyles. While most of them are just copied and modified from some higher quality product, some people are still out there who consider the creativity and aesthetics of everything to a great extent.

And being a part of the value-conscious section of the society, the middle classes think thousands of time before going for a design which might look to luxurious for them to use. They are more habituated in buying everything only when there is a need for it and not because they liked it.

  • Material

This is again a major point which is extremely important cause the durability of the cloth matters the most to them. They feel that the goods are offering accurate value only when they can use it for a long time. You will find hardly a handful of clothes in their cupboard which would look a bit sophisticated.

  • Fit

If one tries to understand this class better, you will always notice that they prefer to buy oversized clothes more which would be wearable for at least quite some more months than the ones which are of right fittings.

While most of us will just ignore this point, they will not even dare to consider anything which seems not to be the best buy for the money. And that is what makes them bargain more or rather this mindset is what makes them opt for clothes on sale.

  • Story

As stated earlier, they will not even think of getting those outfits which do not likely to go hand in hand with their lifestyle. They know to respect their standard and that is what makes them think about what if someone close feels inferior by their choice.

And hence, their choice of whatever they wear or whatever things they use speaks on behalf of them. All those stuff which they wear looks appealing and respectful at the same point. And that is what makes them middle class maybe.

Amount of bucks saved

Finally, getting clothes on a discount value or bargaining them till the end is what shows their value-conscious mindset. Actually, counting how much money they have managed to save because of the discount makes them way happier than buying something new for themselves.

It might look weird to us. But that is what makes them feel satisfied. Paying the right amount and getting the optimum value of the money makes them feel fulfilled.

While online shopping has opened more doors for them, at some point this is a major point too, which made them get accustomed to buying luxury at an affordable rate. Previously there was no such strategy actually or nor did the middle class ever consider that maybe someday sooner they will get the chance to taste luxury too.

But it has been possible today. While the luxury brands started to clear their stock by launching seasonal sales like the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, the online stores started to offer similar deals on almost every occasion. And hence, middle class is definitely buying luxury today but at their own ease and by paying reasonable charges.

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