Wrangler FW12 launches “Keep True” Website

Wrangler FW12 launches Keep True WebsiteThe iconic jeans brand Wrangler launch their latest site at wrangler-europe.com featuring a new digital creative to showcase the new ‘Keep True’  campaign of textured denims. Having previously won awards for their interactive websites and campaign imagery, Wrangler is always dependable to delivery something special. Keep True takes the form of a short movie, broken into chapters, and shot in North Carolina, Wrangler’s spiritual home. A couple flees the city to reconnect with nature. Special, timeless moments are highlighted through the use of cinema graphs – still photographs with tiny, repeating movements.

Each scene of the mini-movie ends and transitions with a cinema graph: a flapping scarf, a swinging bag, a tiny movement of the head. As the user progresses through the journey, they activate different cinema graphs using the drag and release mechanic that Wrangler has famously employed in previous campaigns. The result is a series of beautiful and subtly shifting vignettes that represent the little slices of beauty and tranquility that accompany all our favorite memories.  This emphasis on tiny details is reflected in the FW12 collection, which blends design elements and icons from Wrangler’s rich history with denim innovation. As the original denim brand of the outdoors, Wrangler takes inspiration from nature: new denim treatments recreate the textured surfaces of rocks and minerals. Meanwhile, Wrangler’s women’s jeans line enjoys a full relaunch and a more feminine feel.

Wrangler FW12 launches Keep True WebsiteMark Pytlik, founder Stink Digital, said: “We relished the opportunity to do something subtler, slower, and more beautiful with this project. It was a pleasure to be able to bring a new dimension to our work for Wrangler Europe, and we commend them for embracing a slower, more nuanced, and artier concept.” Yasemin Akkaya, marketing manager Wrangler EMEA, said: “The FW12 season shows Wrangler keeping true – to its heritage, to its spirit of innovation and even to its home state, North Carolina. We have produced a great looking website for a great looking denim collection.”

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