10 Little Things That Mean SO Much To Women

Asking About Our Day

Grand gestures and gifts aren’t unwelcome who doesn’t like to be spoiled every now and then? But it’s not the material objects that truly prove to us how much you care.

As much as this is said, actions really do speak louder than words (and flowers!). The occasional present doesn’t outweigh the more regular, subtle acts. The things women find meaningful are what significant others typically don’t think about or plan. Simple, sweet gestures are often most cherished. So the next time you’re looking to impress a woman, look to the following 10 things ahead.

1. Asking About Our Day

Asking About Our Day

Asking a question as simple as “How was your day?” shows interest even in the mundane. It’s nice to know that you care about the small stuff and are willing to learn more about us.

2. Opening the Car Door

Opening the Car Door

Chivalry may be endangered, but it’s not yet dead. Even if you’re past the early stages of your relationship, this one polite move will always be appreciated.

3. Long Hugs and Kisses

Long Hugs and Kisses

Holding on for just a few extra seconds says so much. It translates to, “Remember, I love you.”

4. Listening to Us

Listening to Us

We’re not talking about the “uh-huh”s while you’re checking your emails. Aside from being a common courtesy, listening to us intently shows that you’re interested and that we’re worth your attention.

5. Phone Calls

Phone Calls

As nontext communication becomes more rare, picking up the phone and calling us is respected. It means you want to talk to us right then and there instead of allowing idle windows in between texts.

6. Telling Us We Look Nice

Telling Us We Look Nice

Drowning us in compliments can be a turnoff, but we do enjoy when you point out something you like. Whether it’s our outfit or a physical feature, acknowledging these details makes us feel good.

7. Remembering a Detail From a Previous Conversation

Remembering a Detail From a Previous Conversation

When you bring up a minor point that we mentioned sometime ago, it shows us that you were paying attention, even if it’s asking how Janice from work is doing.

8. Holding Our Hand

Holding Our Hand

It may seem so trivial, but hand-holding is such a sweet interaction that’s often overlooked. Reaching for our hand is still a sign of affection, and it shows others you’re proud to be with us.

9. Sending Us Random Sweet Texts

Sending Us Random Sweet Texts

Even a quick message like “I hope your day is going well — miss you” will suffice. If you’re thinking about us, shoot us a text to let us know. It’ll easily make us smile, and we’ll appreciate that you took a moment out of your schedule.

10. Random “I Love You”s

Random I Love Yous

Telling us you love us in times we least expect it makes it that much more special. Whether it’s on the drive over somewhere and there’s a moment of silence or on the couch while watching TV together, we love hearing it.

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