What Happened To Angelina Jolie Adopting A Seventh Child?

Angelina Jolie images
Angelina Jolie images

Angelina Jolies children wanted her to add another member to their family. Last year, the Globe stated Jolie was eager to adopt a seventh child after her eldest son, Maddox, left her college. According to the paper, the actress was “coaxed” by her other children, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, and twins, Knox and Vivienne. 

The tabloid also quoted a source who said, “Pax and Zahara are thrilled Angie wants to adopt from a poorer country. Shiloh is all for it because she loves being a big sister already to Viv and Knox, who are also very excited,” added the insider.

The magazine’s source further claimed the Girl, Interrupted star “favored picking a child from an impoverished region she’s familiar with, like Syria or another part of the Middle East or Africa. The plan is to have a baby in her arms by year’s end at the latest.” That year would be 2019.

At the time, we checked with a more credible source close to Jolie, who assured us the story was fabricated. Additionally, Jolie has her hands full with the five children she has still living with her on top of her custody battle with her ex-husband, Brad Pitt.

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Simply put, the actress is happy with the children she has. The Globe however has constantly scrutinized the actress with malicious stories about her life. Two months ago, the paper claimed Angelina Jolie was accused of being the neighbor from hell.

The outlet’s story depicted the actress as a bad mother by asserting her children were “rude and inconsiderate” of their neighbors. Gossip Cop however pointed out that the actress lives on a large estate and if her children were being rowdy, it was likely no one within the vicinity would hear it. We debunked the tabloid’s phony tale.

Not too long after that piece, we busted the Globe again for alleging Jolie turned to “witchcraft” amid her custody battle against Pitt. Seriously, how ludicrous does that sound? The magazine purported the actress was using “voodoo dolls” and has a “chambers of horrors” but the “horror” was the paper’s boldness to create such a vicious and bonkers story.