Angelina Jolie Planning Plastic Surgery To Get Back At Brad Pitt?

Last January, a tabloid claimed Angelina Jolie got “revenge” plastic surgery after learning Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston reunited. Now, we’re taking a look back at the story.

In 2020, NW alleged Angelina Jolie spent $1.4 million on a cosmetic procedure because Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston reportedly rekindled their romance. The tabloid claimed Jolie “hated that Jen still looks so fresh-faced at 50. She’s had all this work done to try to outshine Jen – but it’s failed.”

An insider revealed a few of Jolie’s plastic surgery included: Botox, skin peels, a nose job, and a facelift. The source continued Jolie “was going for this pale, ethereal look, but no one has the heart to tell her she just looks sick. All the work is giving her an older look. She didn’t look nearly as good as she did before.”

To conclude the bizarre tale, the publication maintained Jolie’s motivation was further fueled after “seeing Pitt and Aniston “fawning over one another at the Golden Globes – while she wasn’t even invited.”

The former spouses did have a friendly interaction on the red carpet at the Golden Globes, but the two have clarified, several times, that they’re just good friends. As for Pitt’s split from Angelina Jolie, it hasn’t been the smoothest transition. The pair are still entangled in a divorce/custody battle.

But, the idea Jolie would spend millions of dollars to reconstruct her face for “revenge” is just plain silly. The actress is busy focused on her career and her children, not getting revenge on her former husband. Additionally, Jolie didn’t attend the Golden Globes last year because she wasn’t nominated in any categories.

Also, this wasn’t the first time the tabloids, particularly NW, ran this troupe. For instance, last year, the publication claimed Angelina Jolie dated Justin Theroux. This was another recycled tale ran by outlets. The magazine also asserted Jolie starved herself amid Brad-Pitt related stress. To assert she’s wasting away over her ex-husband is absurd.