Here’s how Caitlyn Jenner responded when a friend asked for a date with Kendall Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner  gave a tit-for-tat response when she was asked by her friend for a date  with her  Kendall Jenner.

 The Capital Breakfast host Roman and Caitlyn became close friends while working on the “I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!”.

Talking to Metro, Roman revealed that he became single after parting ways with his girlfriend Anne Sophie-Flurry.

Sharing the details of his conversation with Caitlyn Jenner, he said, “I recently became single around three months ago and I had a text off Caitlyn, we were talking about something else as she’s got a new business venture so I congratulated her on that.

She said to me, ‘Oh, I saw that you’re now a single man, sorry to hear that.’ I said, ‘Thank you, feel free to let Kendall know and I’ll come round and make dinner one day’”.

He continued: “She goes, ‘Yeah, I’m really sorry to hear you’re single but you really don’t have a chance in hell with Kendall.’”

Roman was not offended by the answer and instead said, “That’s my favourite text of the year.”