Carrie Underwood Neglecting Family, Annoying Husband Mike Fisher By Working Out Too Much?

Was Carrie Underwood working out so much she was getting on husband Mike Fisher’s “last nerve?” A tabloid reported that the mom-of-two was neglecting her family by spending too much time at the gym.

The National Enquirer wrote earlier this year that American Idol winner Carrie Underwood had been working out “like a demon” in an effort to “ditch the baby weight,” but her commitment to fitness was starting to irk her husband Mike Fisher.

The retired Nashville Predators captain was supposedly “begging” his wife to spend more time with him and the couple’s two sons, but a source told the tabloid Underwood was “obsessed” with getting back into shape after the birth of their youngest son.

She’s obsessed with getting in shape and spends three hours or more at the gym every day.

The country music superstar really started to get into working out following the birth of her son, Jacob, and she hasn’t slowed down since. Though she used her younger son’s birth as an excuse at first, now sources told the outlet “Carrie insists she needs to do this because of her changing metabolism.” Even the slightest change in Underwood’s body caused her workouts to go into “overdrive,” the source continued.

She measures her waist every week and if it’s up a notch her workouts go into overdrive!

Though Fisher thought his wife looked “fabulous” and loved that she wanted to be healthy, he also wanted her to “spend more time with him and the kids,” the source insisted. Instead, Underwood’s “health kick has kicked the family to the curb!

He’s begging her to take a day off from exercise every week and devote it to him and the boys!

Despite Fisher’s assurances that she looked “amazing,” the “Cry Pretty” singer still felt “guilty just eating a cup of pasta and sometimes goes back for another run on the treadmill after the kids are asleep!” The report sounds concerning since this sort of behavior is very closely associated with eating disorders, but fans of the country music diva should in no way be alarmed.

The Enquirer’s hysterical reporting bears no resemblance at all to reality. Mike Fisher is a retired hockey player, someone who spent the majority of his career working out and staying in shape. He’s clearly continued to keep up his fitness in his retirement, but there will be no salacious articles in the tabloids about how he’s abandoning his family to do so.

Why is it that Carrie Underwood is the only one out of the duo to be singled out? This article is so baseless and nonsensical. It only takes a quick search through the couple’s Instagram pages to find out that the two of them often work out together.

Fisher even posted in support of his wife’s fitness app. This is just yet another attempt from the tabloids to smear Underwood as a bad mother and wife just because she has interests and goals outside of her children and husband. It’s 2020, Enquirer, get with the times.

This tabloid in particular has been extra cruel in its reporting on Carrie Underwood and her marriage to Mike Fisher. The outlet has claimed several times over the last year that the couple hasn’t been getting along at all during quarantine, and that Underwood has been a “control freak” and her “obsessive-compulsive” nature has been driving her husband crazy.

Gossip Cop recently busted the supermarket magazine for insisting that Underwood’s “nitpicking” was causing fractures in her marriage. The story was totally without any basis whatsoever.

The tabloid also got debunked for its report that Fisher and Underwood’s marriage was falling apart over Fisher’s desire to coach hockey. That report was completely false from top to bottom, but that’s nothing new for the shady outlet. Others might be ashamed to be so wrong so often, but this tabloid clearly has no shame.