Prince Charles Trying to Get Custody of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Son?

The Duke and Duchess of Sussexes have given a clearly massage to Monarch that they are sufficient to raise their family by own way in America.

As we know they made a hefty deal with Netflix and Spotify to achieve Financial freedom. When they resigned from the royal duties, they received gigantic backlash from the general public. People discuss about why they do that.

Some of them think It might be due to some rift between two wild cats (Kate & Middleton) and other ponders Charles behind it. One tabloid claimed anxious Prince Charles trying and attain custody over baby Archie.

According to the Woman’s Day “Prince Charles and Meghan Markle fighting over his ability to see his grandson Archie”. A tabloid title with ‘Let Me See My Grandkids’.

A source near to couple stated that “Charles sees Archie in the odd Zoom call – enough to see that he’s growing up to be the spitting image of young Harry.”

He added “Charles is stunned that Archie is effectively estranged from his own flesh and blood, and it would be no surprise if this law danced on the edges of his consciousness.”

It is natural that Charles is a grandfather of Archie and he shows his affection toward little one. So, tabloid is beyond us, why Woman Days claimed such kind of allegation toward royal family.

Our impeccable source Gossip Cop busted in the tale that Markle was threatening the royal family with a Princess Diana documentary. Prince Harry, and by extension Meghan Markle, and Prince William are, in fact, on the same page regarding how to honor their late mother, so that story was obviously false.