Chris Pratt’s wife Katherine Schwarzenegger opens up on being pregnant amidst a pandemic: I’m learning a lot

In a recent interview, mom-to-be Katherine Schwarzenegger got candid about her pregnancy journey amidst the global coronavirus pandemic, and opened up on what her quarantine life has been like with husband Chris Pratt.

Katherine Schwarzenegger is making the most of her quarantine-life. The 30-year-old mother-to-be has been quarantining with her husband and actor Chris Pratt. The Gift Of Forgiveness author recently spoke to ET Online at lengths on what the couple’s life has been like amidst the pandemic, and how they are preparing to welcome their new baby.

Despite the stress of giving birth during Coronavirus, Schwarzenegger said she’s been keeping her mind occupied by staying connected with fans and loved ones. “I think No. 1, just surrounding yourself with your loved ones, in a safe way, obviously, has been nice,” Schwarzenegger told ET.

“And then being able to do things like Instagram Lives to stay connected. I think the blessing in this is that we do have the ability to continue to connect with people, whether it’s on FaceTime, or doing social media and to be doing things that are entertaining and also educational and fun.” 

The author has also been a busy bee around the house, “I’ve also done a lot of organizing in my house because I like everything to look really clean and neat,” she said. “Learning how to organize your own refrigerator and pantry, those are all things that definitely keep me calm in this crazy time; this crazy, unpredictable time,” Katherine revealed.

Another hobby Schwarzenegger has dove into is baking, “I’ve been baking a lot, and I would say my husband’s been cooking a lot. A huge amount of our time is definitely spent in the kitchen,” Katherine revealed.

Of course, Schwarzenegger is also spending quality time with Pratt, 41, while in the kitchen. “For me, I’m learning a lot. For Chris, he’s teaching me a lot,” she explained. “It’s been really fun. It’s like a silver lining to be able to get more experience in the kitchen, and also be able to spend time with your loved ones in this quarantine. So, it’s been a fun part of it.” Spending time cooking and baking has aligned with Schwarzenegger’s New Year’s resolution, which she said was to “get more comfortable in the kitchen with cooking.” “I’ve always loved baking, but I definitely wanted to learn more in the cooking department,” she concluded.