Princess Diana leaked news of Prince Charles and Camilla’s affair to a reporter

Lady Diana Spencer’s relationship with the media had always been ever-changing.

And while her privacy and personal life was always susceptible of falling prey to the paparazzi, the Princess of Wales surely used the cameras for her own benefit as well.

According to reports, the deceased royal had once tipped off an Australian photographer about her husband Prince Charles’s affair with Camilla Parker Bowles.

The shutterbug, Darryn Lyons made the revelation himself while talking to WHO magazine where he claimed the princess had informed him about the scandal at least six to 12 months prior to ‘Squidgygate’ which disclosed a series of phone calls between Diana and her friend James Gilbey.

“She knocked on my door one day and said, ‘Why aren’t you photographing my husband?’ And I said, ‘Why would I be photographing him?’ He’s got big ears, a big nose and he’s ugly and talks to trees,” said Lyons.

“It was a subtle tip-off about his affair with Camilla — about six to 12 months before Squidgygate broke,” he said.