Duchess Camilla faces her fear of needles to support the fight against Covid

Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker-Bowles. Visited a coronavirus vaccine clinic to show her support for the frontline medical workers and volunteers.

Despite her substantial fear of needles, the Duchess visited the clinic to back the medical workers during the pandemic. Last month, Camilla publicly announced that she has a long and substantial fear of needles which she had to overcome to get herself vaccinated in January.

The doctor in charge at the clinic, Dr Russell Hearn invited her to join in the process during a visit to the Tottenham Vaccine Centre in north London.

When told that each bottle of vaccine could inoculate six people, the Duchess responded, “Oh there’s going to be six! Goodness, it looks tiny. I always thought you got a whole one.”
Rebecca English, a Daily Mail UK journalist, posted a series of tweets documenting Camilla’s visit and commented on her bravery.

Camilla and her husband Prince Charles received their COVID-19 vaccine in February of this year, months after Charles overcame the virus in 2020.