Ellen DeGeneres asks students to share photos of their prom outfits of cancelled dances

Ellen DeGeneres is asking high-school students to share photos of their prom outfits to make up for their canceled dances.

If there’s anyone who knows how to lighten the mood, it’s Ellen. On Tuesday, the talk show host took to Twitter and Instagram, posting a pic of her and her prom date. And it’s…something. Honestly, it’s the red plaid maxi-dress that completes it. Matched with a white, wing-tip collar and feathered hair, this look is just stellar.

But it’s not the style that DeGeneres is trying to emphasize, it’s the call to action. Given that teenagers everywhere are missing out on perhaps the most memorable night of their young lives because of physical distancing measures, DeGeneres asked young people everywhere to share what they were planning to wear to their now-cancelled proms.

Given that spring celebrations have changed for everyone, Ellen’s post is a fresh welcome to many heartbroken newly minted grads. While some convocations are going virtual, a virtual prom just seems a tiny bit more tragic. Even though Ellen admitted to setting the bar low as far as prom pics go, the post was well received with over 1.1M likes, among them being Chrissy Teigen.

Other celebrities saluted Ellen’s style-choice. ‘American Woman’ singer, Lenny Kravitz said, “Love the outfit!!!!!” Glenn Close also approved as did Mario Lopez: “Yessss. Killin the game @theellenshow! I looked like a narco at my prom…” Care to share, Mario? Even though the callout was for students meant to be celebrating their proms this weekend, both current and former prom-goers alike took to social media, posting their own prom outfit pics and the results were spectacular.


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