Ellen DeGeneres nearly trampled a fan: ‘Got into her Porsche and sped off’

Ellen DeGeneres has found herself facing yet another complaint, following her toxic workplace allegation scandal, and the plaintiff claims the TV show host was the only one responsible for it all.

The issue initially occurred back in 2015 when a fan named Julia Marie applied for free tickets, for both her and her mother, all to see Justin Bieber come on The Ellen Show as a guest.

Marie only recently broke her silence on the past incident however, and told The Sun, “I was a very big Justin Bieber fan. I thought it would be a great opportunity to meet Ellen and be there when Justin was there. Obviously, my email was a success.”

In order to attain those tickets, Marie was subjected to extensive rounds of internet interviews, “I had like three Skype interviews just for them to figure more about me. They wanted to know what my parents’ jobs are, what their names are.

That’s a lot of information to ask, so it was definitely more than just getting free tickets to the show.” After Ellen’s team finished the screening process, they had Marie and her mother flown in from Wisconsin and “Obviously I was so excited.

I thought I would be on the Ellen show sitting next to Ellen herself. Once I got to the studio, we went through the artist entry and I had a dressing room with my name on it and food and snacks and everything else.”

However, soon after that it all went downhill. Ellen was reportedly indifferent towards her, Marie was even barred from leaving the dressing room.

“Once we got to our dressing room, Ellen could care less that we were there. They actually locked us in my dressing room and told us we could not leave. [A producer] told me what I should wear and brought us down to her show.

I got thrown into the audience like nothing was ever going to happen, when they told me I was going to be recorded and be in front of hundreds of people.”

After the filming process was over and done with however, “Ellen went into her Porsche and just sped through. She almost ran my mom and I over because she was so trying to get out of her studio that day to go home.”

“Ellen spent thousands of dollars to send my mom and I to my studio and she could’ve cared less. I didn’t meet her. I wasn’t on the show or anything. They got my hopes up. Ellen just got into her Porsche and sped off.” Ever since then, “We haven’t really watched her show. Being there is so much different than what you see on TV.”