Harry accused of ‘upstaging’ talk show queen Oprah

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are expected to ruffle a few feathers in the palace, with the release of their bombshell interview with talk show queen Oprah Winfrey.

But in the lead up to the interview’s Australian premiere on Monday, it has suggested the Duke of Sussex may have inadvertently upset Oprah by committing a Hollywood no-no.

According to The Spectator, journalist and royal author Tina Brown suggests Oprah may be a bit miffed that Harry potentially blew her exclusives while chatting with talk show host James Corden.

Harry, who recently filmed the hilarious segment with the Late Late Show host while sitting atop a double-decker bus, delighted fans with revelations about Meghan’s homecooking.

Tina wrote: “Who gives an exclusive heart-to-heart to Oprah, then goes off before it’s aired and does a knockabout with Corden, when Her Media Majesty’s much-touted scoop is still in the can?

No doubt it was supposed to be ‘just fun’, but Corden was sly enough to slip in news-making questions that rained on Oprah’s parade,” she added.

The royal author went on to say that while Harry seemingly aced the interview with an honest and candid account of his personal life, there are rules to follow in La La Land.

Harry and Meghan, it’s very clear, want to be all-conquering celebrities. But there are rules of the game in Hollywood — just as there are at Buckingham Palace,” she wrote.

On Sunday, CBS dropped its first teaser for the sit-down chat with Oprah, which promises to give a no-holds-barred account of the Sussexes’ life in the House of Windsor.

Meghan and Harry appear brazen and ready to dish the dirt about the palace, with talk show queen Oprah promising viewers: “There is no subject that’s off limits.”

In the lead up to the tell-all premiere, British interior designer Benji Lewis, explained how the Sussexes have seemingly styled their interview to portray a certain image.

Speaking to Femail, the interior designer and creator of Zoom That Room – an online interior design advisory service, broke down the key elements to Harry and Meghan’s interview milieu.

He said while on the surface it appears as though the Sussexes opted for an idyllic English country garden setting, there are elements that “foster trust” and “promote harmony”.

“There’s a gentle formality about the scene I suppose but no hard edges, the round coffee table could have been square, but they rightly chose a circle. The circle of trust,” Benji said.