Critics call on Prince Harry, Meghan Markle’s pre-Megxit savings to be dispersed: report

It is high time to divide Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s savings to all the other workers member equally. Critics have come forward and highlight this issue.

The CEO of Republic Graham Smith told Express UK, “Ultimately, it does not make any difference to the UK taxpayer because the cost of the monarchy continues to go up every year. Money not spent on Meghan and Harry will be spent on others.”

“It is a good thing in the sense that the fewer royals there are the better. But ultimately, the money will be spent on other royals rather than Harry and Meghan.”

After that, another royal commentator Richard Fitz williams shed the light on this issue. He explained that the only reason the monarchy’s monthly costs are rising is due to Buckingham Palace’s refurbishments.

“The core cost of the monarchy is 74p per person per year excluding security. The much-needed refurbishment of Buckingham Palace brings the cost up to £1.24.”

“Given the effects of the pandemic it was announced that though there would be less income, any shortfall is intended be met by economies and other income such as lettings and not by the taxpayer.

Every country contributes to the expenses of its head of state. How could you put a price on the boost to the nation’s morale of the three historic broadcasts, including her Christmas message, which the Queen has made during the pandemic?”