Prince Harry Ready To Confront Meghan Markle’s First Husband, Accuse Him Of Leaking

Was Prince Harry preparing for face-to-face with his wife Meghan Markle’s first husband, Trevor Engelson? Sources told one tabloid that a run-in between the two was “inevitable.”

“Harry’s Bust-Up With Meghan’s Ex!” read the headline from a Woman’s Day article earlier this year. The tabloid reported that “hot-tempered” Prince Harry was prepping for a “face-to-face” with Meghan Markle’s ex-husband, Trevor Engelson. Markle and Engelson married in 2011 but divorced just two years later.

Despite the fact that it’s been seven years since Markle served Engelson with divorce papers, sources insisted that “fireworks” would likely erupt between Prince Harry and Markle’s ex-husband.

Part of the reason a run in between the two men seemed so “inevitable” to the sources was because “Trevor’s in the movie business,” and since Prince Harry and Markle were supposedly “pitching for roles, a lot of meetings will be taking place at studios and agency offices.”

Their paths will almost certainly cross, and given how overprotective and short-fused Harry is, I wouldn’t like to be in Trevor’s shoes.

Though Engelson has never spoken publicly about either the reasons behind his divorce from Markle or what he thinks of her now, the source proclaimed that the film producer’s seeming discretion didn’t matter to Prince Harry. Engelson, who wed his new wife Tracey Kurland in 2019, was “happy for” Markle, “but Harry won’t care.

He suspects a lot of stories about Meghan might have come from his camp and he won’t hesitate to say so.” So, what does this tabloid and its almost certainly made up sources expect us to believe? That Prince Harry will be stalking around movie studios and agency offices all throughout Hollywood, looking to fight his wife’s ex-husband?

Though the tabloid was incorrect in its prediction that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were seeking out roles for themselves (they wound up signing a production deal with Netflix), these visits were most definitely business visits. It’d be a bad look for Prince Harry to get into a verbal altercation with Engelson while he’s looking to make a deal with other entertainment head honchos.

Since there’s been no news of a showdown between Prince Harry and Engelson, it’s safe to say this story is completely false. Besides, isn’t it strange that the so-called “source” has insight into both how Trevor Engelson feels about Markle and how Prince Harry feels about Engelson? Those two men have literally one thing in common: Markle. How would this source know what the two men were thinking? The story simply doesn’t hold water.

Woman’s Day has a history of getting the story wrong whenever it reports on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. This summer, the tabloid claimed the royal spouses were splitting up, but that was not the case, Gossip Cop found. This outlet was also behind rumors that Markle was already pregnant with her second child, but that story also turned out to be false. When a tabloid gets it wrong this many times in a row, it’s hard to trust it.