Prince Harry’s Recent Photoshoot Meant To Send A Message To The Royal Family?

Prince Harry will likely never stop being in the headlines for one reason or another, but the latest debacle for the Duke of Sussex is his attempts at honoring fallen soldiers on Remembrance Day.

Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, were unable to return to the United Kingdom and reportedly had their request for a wreath to be laid in their name denied by the palace. One magazine says that the couple hired a flashy photographer to send a message to their estranged royal family.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle laid flowers from their new home at a Los Angeles cemetery for this year’s Remembrance Day. An insider tells the magazine that, unsurprisingly, the day means a lot to Prince Harry due to his time on active duty with the military. However, it wasn’t a well-received gesture.

The “controversial” husband and wife apparently had “their biggest gaffe” yet: “The duo had hired celebrity fashion photographer Lee Morgan to snap their supposedly private visit.” Given that the only photos are from Morgan and no one else appears in the pictures, we’re not sure why it was a “supposedly” private event, but we digress.

The outlet then defers to jabs and insults from various commentators that said the couple were “blundering ghouls” that were using the graves as a “photographic backdrop to their piety.” Aside from the usual venom from critics that can’t get their name in papers without dragging the combat veteran’s name through the mud, the outlet says that the photos were meant to send a message to the palace that denied him a wreath.

“It was also Harry’s way of telling his family, ‘If you’re going to be petty and exclude me, I’ll do it my way,” an anonymous source says, although he’s been hit hard by the backlash. “Harry feels he can’t win.”

First off, how many big-name celebrity photographers can you name? We’re going to guess that the list is fewer than three people, and with all due respect to Morgan, we doubt they appear amongst the names. We literally cannot understand why the tabloid is so insistent that it’s all about who was hired to take professional photos.

Despite how often their critics rail against the couple for being “out of touch,” it’s frankly bizarre to see an “industry” publication give so much credence to comments that say Prince Harry directly found and hired a photographer himself.

As anyone even remotely aware of how celebrities and big names handle publicity, those sorts of things are generally set up by management and representatives — believe it or not, Queen Elizabeth doesn’t set up her own photos either. Their PR team very likely searched, selected, and hired a photographer with an impressive talent and portfolio. It’s not that dramatic.

This is a recurring narrative in the tabloids this week. Remembrance Day was almost two weeks ago, but the tabloid is just now reporting on how Prince Harry feels about it. If this story had any sort of actual insight or news, it probably should have come out in the previous two issues. Instead, it’s just stale repetition of the same old vitriol toward the two.

Despite the magazine’s insistence that things are melting down between the Sussexes and the rest of the royal family, the far more reliable People reports that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle just happily offered up Frogmore Cottage to his cousin, Princess Eugenie, who is pregnant with her first child.

So much for “sending a message,” unless that message was that they still care about their family despite any recent disagreements. It makes far more sense for a veteran who saw friends and fellow soldiers die to want to honor the fallen than for anything this tabloid says.

Star clearly has no idea what’s going on with any of the royals. It falsely proclaimed that Prince Harry was making a documentary to prove that his mother, Princess Diana, was murdered — and no such project has surfaced. It published a shameful story about Prince William being worried that Kate Middleton had an eating disorder like his mother. After so many articles dedicated to royal drama, it has yet to land on anything meaningful.