Truth About Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez’s Planned Prenup

While Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s long-awaited wedding has been delayed due to the global pandemic, many are wondering whether or not the two independently successful (and extremely wealthy) stars are going to sign a prenuptial agreement before tying the knot. Several reports about the conditions of a possible prenup have already emerged, so here’s what we know.

Woman’s Day dropped a drama bomb this month with a story about Lopez putting a $250 million cheating clause in their prenup. The outlet reported that the two had to delay their wedding to sort out their contracts and agreements before exchanging vows. As evidence, it pointed to paparazzi photos of the two “looking angry” in LA.

“All hell’s broken loose over the prenup and Jen’s about ready to call Alex’s bluff and dump him if he doesn’t sign on the line,” an anonymous snitch said. “The problem is they’re both used to marrying relatively unknown people and expecting the other person to simply sign.”

Gossip Cop checked with our reliable source close to the couple, who dismissed the narrative entirely. The couple has been quite affectionate on social media lately, so we didn’t buy any talk about relationship troubles.

Star published a story in June 2019 that included a serious allegation about Rodriguez. “Jen’s devastated by claims that Alex cheated on her for months, right up until he proposed,” an unnamed tipster explained.

“She’s having serious doubts about his character. The wedding has been put on hold, and everything is up in the air. Jennifer won’t commit to anything until Alex agrees to her terms.” This time, it was a supposed $2 million cheating clause that was causing a rift in the wedding planning.

In reality, however, the cheating accusations were totally bogus. One came from a model who offered no proof of her supposed exchange with Rodriguez, and the other was from the controversial Jose Canseco in a ploy to mock his ex-wife.

Canseco’s ex quickly dismissed the rumor, explaining that she hadn’t seen Rodriguez in years and had no idea what Jose was talking about. That means there was no explosive argument between Lopez and Rodriguez over adultery, so this one was totally off as well.

Shortly after their engagement, In Touch reported that “there was a catch” before Jennifer Lopez agreed to marry the former Yankee. “Before they marry, Jennifer wants him to sign an iron-clad prenup with a cheating clause to protect herself if he betrays her,” the magazine’s insider said. “She wants some assurance about their future.”

Given their past divorces, the source explained, Lopez was wary. Rodriguez, despite apparently hating the conditions and contract, said that “he’s willing to prove his commitment to her by signing it. He won’t let it get in the way of their marriage.”

Gossip Cop checked in with our impeccable sources in both Lopez and Rodriguez’s camps, and both laughed off the outrageous report. Additionally, we pointed out that Lopez has publicly talked about how she and her fiance aren’t defined by their past relationships or disagreements with one another, so it’s silly to argue that she’s actually hung up on her last few breakups.

Since this article was published, the world knows about as much about the reality of J.Lo and A-Rod’s possible prenup as we did when they first got engaged. All we know for sure is that there’s no truth to the talk about the two feuding over their engagement.