Jennifer Aniston refuses to deny rumors that she’s hanging out with Brad Pitt?

Jennifer Aniston recently sparked rumors that she and Brad Pitt have been hanging out after she shared a photo on Instagram.

In the snap, a man’s legs can be seen behind Jennifer Aniston. And they’re both hanging out at the actress’s trailer.

Now, Us Weekly is claiming that Aniston’s refusal to deny that Pitt’s with her in the photo suggests that the rumors could be true.

“Everyone is going crazy over the picture but Jen’s playing it coy and keeping it tight-lipped. The fact that Jen’s not denying that she and Brad were caught on camera has made people even more suspicious,” the source said.

Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt love it when their fan tease them

The insider also claimed that teasing her fans has always give Aniston a kick. And the constant speculation is also, allegedly, making Pitt feel excited.

According to the source, it won’t be surprising to know that Aniston and Pitt have been hanging out because they’ve also been in contact with each other.

“Brad and Jen have been in touch plenty during the lockdown, chatting over the phone and via Zoom, plus hanging out from time to time,” the source said.

Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt secret hangouts on set

And since the A-listers are both filming their respective projects at the Sony studio, the tabloid alleged that they have been secretly meeting there.

“They’ll meet for coffee or lunch during breaks. They’re just like two old friends chilling and shooting the breeze about their lives,” the source said.

The exes can talk about everything

Meanwhile, Jennifer Aniston and Pitt’s story wouldn’t be complete without revisiting their previous breakup.

As such, the tabloid alleged that the Ad Astra star still feels bad for what he put his ex-wife through. So, Pitt is still trying to make it up to the Friends alum.

And the more the A-listers talk, the more they realize how much they’ve really missed each other.

During their conversations, Aniston and Pitt exchange stories about their work and families.

“Brad’s poured his heart and soul out to Jen about his kids, his work plans, and the new lease on life he’s gotten through art. They exchange tips on home décor and chat about traveling,” the source said.

But while the prospect of Jennifer Aniston and Pitt chatting regularly sounds exciting, there’s no truth to the tabloid’s claims.