Jennifer Aniston allegedly doubts she could get back together with Brad Pitt

Jennifer Aniston no longer thinks that there’s hope for her and Brad Pitt to get back together again.

According to Woman UK, Jennifer Aniston and Pitt are friends. However, the Friends star realized that this is all they could ever be when her ex-husband started dating Nicole Poturalski.

A source told the magazine that Aniston has also been going out on dates. As such, Aniston is convinced that there won’t be any second chances for her and Pitt.

“With Brad still seeing other people and Jen also going on blind dates occasionally, it’s no surprise people are starting to wonder if they’ll ever be able to give this another full-blown shot. But all that private angst aside, they’re still inseparable.

And both of them are adamant they’ll never allow a situation to occur where they leave each other’s lives again. There’s way too much love and respect for that to happen,” the source said.

But despite the alleged worries about Aniston and Pitt, the source also claimed that the A-listers still hang out frequently.

“Brad and Jen love hanging out. They still have a lot in common and are planning things together in the near future, including a holiday to Mexico over Christmas. Publicly, their stance is simple – they’re having fun, going with the flow, keeping their dates private and not rushing into anything that could lead to pain or hurt on either side,” the source said.

Aniston and Pitt were married for five years before they announced their divorce. And one of the reasons for their split was Angelina Jolie. Just a year after Aniston and Pitt’s divorce, the actor publicly confirmed his relationship with the Maleficent star.

The source said that Aniston and Pitt haven’t gotten over their breakup completely.

“Even after Brad and Jen started speaking regularly again, they still had some very heavy and intense conversations before wiping the slate clean and setting new boundaries for their friendship.

Their split and the fact that Brad moved on so quickly with Angelina still upsets Jen, even though she’s learned to live with it now. He, in turn, still feels extremely guilty about that, plus, he deeply regrets some of his actions during the marriage before Angelina came along,” the source said.

However, one should take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt. Jennifer Aniston and Pitt have moved on from each other a long time ago.