Jessica Simpson Is Ready To Get Back Into Reality TV

Jessica Simpson is ready to get back on reality television according to several tabloids. Is Simpson’s new venture causing also problems in her marriage? Here’s what we know.

In a new article by OK!, the outlet reports Jessica Simpson has changed her mind and is stepping back into the reality television world. According to the magazine, the singer “misses working in front of the camera,” and now, after multiple offers from Ryan Seacrest, Simpson’s seriously considering it.

One problem though, the publication’s insider reveals the only person not on board with this plan is Simpson’s husband, Eric Johnson. “Eric thinks it’s the worst idea,” the insider says, continuing, “Jess has tried to woo him to her side but she’s still got a lot of work to do.”

The magazine attests without Johnson, there won’t be a reality show. There’s another major problem with this tale. Jessica Simpson stated she wasn’t doing reality television again. 

has publicly said many times she would never do another reality show.

Star reported a similar account, stating that Simpson believes a reality series would “reintroduce her to America and a younger audience.” The magazine also states Simpson’s husband is not going along with this idea as he feels reality TV was the cause of her first marriage to Nick Lachey to “blow up.”

But since Simpson has strongly rebuked that she’s returning to reality television, there is no reason for her or Johnson to be at odds. This also wouldn’t be the first time the tabloids misconstrued the truth about the actress.

The outlet claimed the mom of three’s anxiousness to lose weight after the birth of her third child had driven a wedge between her and Johnson. Earlier this year, Star purported Simpson was turning her new memoir, Open Book, into a movie.

The magazine asserted The Dukes of Hazzard was eager to return to the big screen but was also planning to produce this supposed film. Simply put, the tabloids can’t be trusted when it comes to any stories about Simpson.