Julia Roberts And Richard Gere Secretly In Love? Here’s The Truth

Richard Gere and Julia Roberts‘ iconic performances in the films Pretty Woman and Runaway Bride gave hope to romantics everywhere. Was their on-screen chemistry just for show? The former costars are married and have children, but still, rumors circulated that the two were secretly in love for years. 

In 2019, the Globe claimed Julia Roberts and Richard Gere believed they were soulmates. The paper alleged Roberts and Gere were “secretly carrying a torch for each other” for years despite being wed to other people.

An insider added the former costars had “incredibly strong feelings” for each other but won’t act on their feelings due to their respective spouses. While Roberts and Gere have remained on good terms throughout the years, the idea they were in love was completely fabricated. 

In the summer of 2019, OK! disclosed Gere and Roberts were teaming up for a Pretty Woman reunion tour. An alleged insider revealed to the outlet that the former cast-mates had other motives for going on this supposed “tour.” The source disclosed the two were looking forward to catching up over “cozy dinners” but once again, didn’t want to jeopardize their marriages. 

Gossip Cop had already corrected the narrative that Gere and Roberts had “feelings” for each other and there was no other news of a tour for Pretty Woman happening. Given the popularity of the film, if there was ever going to be a “reunion” of any sort, every news outlet in America would’ve reported on it.

A few months ago, Star asserted Richard Gere was doing a tell-all interview. The tabloid’s cover offered that the Primal Fear actor was going to reveal all of his secret affairs, including his relationship with Julia Roberts. However, the accompanying article just reveals Gere had been supposedly “opening up to friends” about his complicated love life.

The outlet does briefly detail how Gere and Roberts allegedly “fell for each other” while filming Pretty Woman but this is as “juicy” as the story gets. Nonetheless, we checked with a more reliable source, a spokesperson for Gere, who stated there was no interview happening.

Recently, New Idea insisted Roberts wanted a baby with Gere. Following the birth of Gere’s second child with his wife, the magazine claimed Roberts “had babies on the brain.” New Idea further purported the two former costars “shared an intense bond” over parenthood but their supposed reunion had their respective spouses feeling uneasy.

Still, the magazine didn’t elaborate further about Roberts “wanting a baby” with Gere. We get some stars may fall in love while filming movies, but that didn’t happen between Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. The two are simply just good actors and good friends.