Julia Roberts Wants Baby With Richard Gere?

Pretty Woman has endured the test of time because of the chemistry between its leads, Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. One magazine reports that the two are reuniting to celebrate the babies in their lives, but things could turn romantic. 

Richard Gere welcoming his second baby with Alejandra Silva has caused a reunion with Roberts, according to New Idea. “Julia Roberts has babies on the brain,” the tabloid says, and she and Gere “now share an intense bond over parenthood.” Gere is “leaning on Julia for advice and has even suggested she be the youngest boy’s godmother.”

Danny Moder, Roberts’ husband, is reportedly unhappy about this reunion. An insider tells the tabloid that he “has always kept an eye on their friendship.” Silva is reportedly too focused on the baby to notice or care about Roberts, but “Julia being godmother to her kid will eventually send up some red flags.” The article concludes by saying Roberts would like to have one more baby with Moder.

The tabloid says Roberts is “too busy going gaga for the babies in her life to notice” any “sexual tension with her old flame.” However, the tabloid still describes Gere as her “one that got away.” With the headline “Julia and Richard: ‘Our Baby Joy,’” the tabloid clearly sees Roberts and Gere as an item, even though the rest of the article does not say it. There’s an inconsistency between the headline and the article itself.

This is a bit of bait-and-switch from New Idea, who are notorious for the dishonest practice. The headline and photographs would have you believe Roberts and Gere are now dating, but the story is almost completely unrelated. In the story, Roberts apparently wants “just one more” baby with Moder. The tabloid won’t commit to it’s headline-narrative about a relationship between Gere and Roberts.

Neither Gere nor Roberts really did anything publicly to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of Pretty Woman. The two run in different circles now, and there’s no evidence that she is the godmother to Gere’s child. If the two were as “close” as the tabloid implies, wouldn’t Roberts already be a godparent? In reality, Roberts and Moder recently celebrated their eighteenth anniversary on Instagram.

This tabloid published another story about a jealous Moder just last week. He was supposed to be keeping an eye on Dylan McDermott in that tall tale, not Richard Gere. This is also the same tabloid that said Roberts was pregnant last year, but that baby never came. Given the rotten track record of this tabloid when it comes to Roberts, it’s safe to say this whole narrative is untrue.