Justin Bieber Tests His Skills On A Unicycle Before Riding His eBike With Hailey

Justin Bieber falls off his unicycle as he plays around with wife Hailey Baldwin in the street outside their home

And Justin Bieber saw his new skills practicing at his home in Beverly Hills on Sudnay. The 25-year-old pop star has spilled a few times before shifting gear and bringing his wife, Hailey Baldwin, 22, through the streets on his electric single-seater.


Bet 10,000 hours! Justin Bieber was back on practicing his unicycle skills on Sunday around his home in Beverly Hills. Never give up: Justin fell down a few times during his ride, but kept getting up and trying again.  Justin seemed to drive very close to cars that passed. Justin rocked a black graphic T-shirt with a pop art painting with the face of a woman on it. He combined the look with a cargo pants and brown shoes for outdoor enjoyment.

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Justin accessorized his casual look with a baby pink hat and seemed to be focused on his unicycle. His wife of the supermodel rocked a short top with long sleeves and loose jeans while she was with her husband. The beauty was clinging to her husband while he barely sat in the single-person chair.