Justin Bieber Getting Too ‘Clingy’ For Hailey Baldwin After Assault Allegations?

Did Hailey Baldwin tell her husband, Justin Bieber, that she needs some space? A tabloid is reporting that there could be trouble in paradise for the young spouses.

According to a new article by Star, the tabloid alleges that Hailey Baldwin told Justin Bieber that she needs a break. The outlet claims that the couple, who have married for almost two years, may have “hit a snag” in their marriage after Baldwin dropped this bombshell on her husband.

Even though the couple has been documenting their relationship and marriage on Facebook’s The Biebers on Watch, a supposed “pal” spills that all the “togetherness” is working Baldwin’s nerves, especially with Bieber fighting recent rape allegations.

“Justin’s become increasingly clingy,” the supposed insider says, adding, “Hailey had to sit him down and explain it’s not healthy for them to be joined at the hip.” The outlet goes on to say Baldwin jetted to Italy with her friend Bella Hadid for work, leaving Bieber “without his crutch” the dubious pal states. Apparently, Bieber is also “insecure” about where he and his wife are headed.

Here’s what we know. Baldwin did take a trip with Hadid to Italy, but it was reported by E! News that it was strictly for work. Also, Baldwin and Bieber went on a road trip to Utah themselves not too long after that, so the idea that Baldwin wanted space from her husband doesn’t make sense. Additionally, Bieber thoroughly shut down the allegations against him and mentioned his wife’s support of his decision to speak out. All in all, we believe the couple is doing just fine.

This also wouldn’t be the first time that the tabloids have exaggerated about the spouses and their marriage. Earlier this year, Gossip Cop busted OK! for falsely claiming that Justin Bieber abandoned Hailey Baldwin despite her being pregnant.

The idea that a man would storm out on his wife while she’s pregnant with his child is a bit melodramatic, and there was no evidence to support the tabloid’s claim that Baldwin was expecting. After investigating the story, Gossip Cop found our suspicions to be correct. Bieber’s rep told us exclusively that the story was ridiculous and completely fabricated.


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A week before this story came out, Gossip Cop debunked the outlet for stating that Bieber’s health issues were pushing Baldwin away. Again, why would anyone walk out on their spouse if they are unwell? We looked into the story and found it to be another made-up piece about the spouses.