Report: Kanye West Buying Kim Kardashian An Island

Is it true the rapper [Kanye West] splurge on Xmas gifts for mogul wife 40 years old Kim Kardashian and their kids and also buying a private island?

In the December 7 issue of OK!, the magazine published a story saying that West and Kardashian were spending lavishly on their four kids, North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm. According to the outlet’s source, “The kids’ stocking will be filled with trinkets worth six figures alone, including designer bling and high-tech gadgets. Plus, they’ll have live ponies and electric cars waiting in the backyard.”

The source added, “Kanye wants to buy Kim her own private island, and she’s got a string of properties lined up for him. Their marriage has taken a beating over Kanye’s outrageous behavior in recent months, but all the shopping takes their minds off the serious stuff.”

Yes…. The rapper has a lot of money and spend on each other and their kids. Tabloid was correct regarding two things. One, the couple did indeed spend Christmas together with their kids, and two, they spent an insane amount of money on each other. Nothing else in the article is true, including everything the tabloid’s “source” revealed.

According to the more reliable TMZ, Kanye West bought his wife five Maybach automobiles. Why someone would need five is beyond us, but it’s what she got. Kim Kardashian, meanwhile, reportedly gave her husband “several” James Turrell pieces of art, costing over a million bucks.

Trusting This Tabloid Is A Mistake

For Kim’s die-heart, we have suggested you to follow Kardashian on social media for actual and real news about their relationship. 40 years old, keep updating the fans about everything.

One thing is for sure, don’t expect to read the truth in the pages of OK!, which our brother site [Gossip Cop] busted many times in the past for publishing false information about the prominent couple.