Kate Middleton EXHAUSTED By Meghan Markle’s Endless Chatter

Royal Family News: Kate Middleton EXHAUSTED By Meghan Markle’s Endless ChatterBritish royal family news reveals that there has been a lot of drama played out in public this year, in large part due to the conduct of relocated ex-royals Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan Markle.

All of the bruhaha has reportedly left at least one senior royal spent and exhausted. This particular royal was dragged at least twice in the salacious tell-all interview the couple had with Oprah Winfrey on March 7.

Royal Family News – Kate Middleton Is Sick And Tired Of The Drama

According to body language expert Andrea Gordon, Kate Middleton appears physically spent and tired. She is the mother of three young children and that would tucker out any mom, but there is another reason for her tired appearance, so says Gordon.

The royal expert told Express that this year Kate Middleton has reportedly been feeling, “exhausted and unsettled,” ever since the Markle’s Oprah interview. In the loose lipped fest Meghan called Kate out twice and both Harry and Meghan dragged their families through the mud.

Royal Family News – Kate Middleton Is Always The Picture Of Decorum

Gordon told the site, “Kate’s baseline behavior is usually one of composure and quiet self-assurance – we see this in her often used neutral stance, unhurried, open hand gestures and direct eye contact.”

“She is generally in full control of the situation and herself… These clips show a different Kate, an unsettled, slightly exhausted Kate.”

And that would be totally understandable. Not only is she a fulltime mom and wife, she has a full time job as a royal and the country is now in its third coronavirus lockdown which presumably means she is back to teaching them at home.

Royal Family News – The Royal Family Has Been In An Uproar

During the interview, Meghan’s first verbal grenade was launched squarely at Kate. She insisted that Kate made her cry prior to her 2018 wedding to Harry. As it turns out the story has been much reported over the years, each time Meghan being the aggressor. But according to the former actress, “it was the reverse.”

It strains credulity to think how tightly Meghan held on to that minor aggrievement for years, making it her very first dig at the royal family when she got the chance. The royals responded to the interview with a statement saying that the couple’s claims would be addressed internally and privately. The Markle’s claimed the interview would be the last the couple spoke yet they continue to leak info to the media.

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