Kate Middleton Flying To Los Angeles to Confront Meghan Markle And Prince Harry?

Is Kate Middleton staging an intervention with Prince Harry to prevent Meghan Markle from hurting the monarchy? This is a surprisingly common story.

‘Secret Meeting To Save Harry’

The cover story of New Idea depicts Queen Elizabeth secretly talking to Kate Middleton. Queen Elizabeth has asked Middleton to reach out to Prince Harry and “plead with him to stop his renegade wife, Meghan Markle, from doing further damage to the crown.” Sources say Prince Harry and Markle’s upcoming tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey has left the royals blindsided and scrambling. Middleton is “prepared to fly to California” to confront Prince Harry.

The tabloid points how that this is especially rude because Prince Philip is currently in the hospital. Middleton will try to appeal to Prince Harry and make him see that he is damaging his family. The Sussexes won’t go away quietly, but Middleton still has the power to do damage herself. The article concludes by saying it’s time for the royal family to strike back at the Sussexes, and Middleton has given Queen Elizabeth “the strength to do so.”

What Secret Meeting?

The cover photo, beside the words “secret London meeting,” is hardly new or noteworthy. While New Idea would have you believe it sleuthed a top-secret moment between Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton, it simply used a photo from Christmas 2013. This meeting couldn’t have been about Markle, as Prince Harry wasn’t even dating her back then. This is yet another bait-and-switch story.

COVID-19 means a trip to California, over a tell-all that cannot be stopped at this point, is ill-advised. Middleton is still in the United Kingdom with her family, so this story is completely bogus. Also, while Prince Harry is no longer a working member of the royal family, it’s pretty heinous to say he only “once loved” his family. That’s inflammatory and the exact kind of rhetoric that caused the Sussexes to leave for America in the first place.
Other Bogus Stories

Gossip Cop knows better than to believe a New Idea story about Kate Middleton. It claimed she was pregnant last May, which was totally false. We also busted its supposed “exclusive interview” with Middleton because it was only an interview about Middleton. It also paraded a ridiculous narrative about Archie, who has yet to turn two, needing Middleton’s permission to get married.

We also busted this tabloid for claiming Queen Elizabeth was flying to America to confront the Sussexes. It looks like this tabloid is just recycling old material and shuffling the names. Middleton is not flying across the world for a vague intervention. This story was just another by-the-numbers attack on the Sussexes.