Royal shake up! Kate Middleton’s plans to overhaul monarchy

As the monarchy’s age-old traditions become increasingly outdated for many people, a royal insider has revealed that the Duchess of Cambridge is hell-bent on stirring things up around the palace.

According to US Weekly, a royal source has revealed that Kate is adamant on modernising the monarchy as she and William prepare to rule.

With her husband, Prince William, currently second in line to take the throne, it won’t be too long before Duchess Catherine holds the title of Queen Consort.

And, according to US Weekly’s royal insider, the Duchess is very prepared for the changeover.

“Kate has flourished into a queen in waiting in front of everyone’s eyes,” the source told the publication. “The royal family could not be more pleased.”

However, more traditional members of the family may not be so keen once they catch wind of the Duchess’ intentions.

“Kate may change some of the outdated royal rules when she becomes queen (consort),” the same insider revealed.

While vague in the specific rules the Duchess has taken an issue with, the source did give some detail regarding the future Queen’s ideas for change.

As well as revealing that Kate is planning to spend more time with the public at royal engagements, the insider claimed that the Duchess has “also been very present on social media and has gotten comfortable doing TV interviews and virtual chats. She’s keen to continue that in the future as well.”

And Kate’s wishes may come to fruition even sooner than anticipated.

With rumours that the Queen will step down on her 95th birthday continuing to circulate, the Duchess will then only have to wait for Charles’ reign to end before she can put her reforms into action.

In her latest book, Prince Philip Revealed, Ingrid Seward highlighted the growing signs that the longest-serving monarch is slowly passing the crown over.

“What we’ve seen during COVID is the gradual handing over of duties,” Ingrid wrote.

Although, after hearing Kate’s intention to “change some of the outdated royal rules,” perhaps Her Majesty will be less willing to relinquish her power just yet.

And it’s not just Kate with bold ideas!

According to royal author, Robert Lacey, the Queen was less than impressed when her grandson, Prince William, spoke about his progressive plans as future King.

“Elizabeth II made some enquiries and was particularly horrified to learn that one of William’s favourite lines ran “When I am King, I’m going to make a new rule that…”.”

Between the Duke and Duchess’ progressive ambitions, it seems the monarchy is headed for a significant makeover.