Kate Middleton was secretly smitten by someone else before Prince William

Kate Middleton is again under hot water with her teenage crushes have the headlines once again. Whereas it is impossible to imagine that why Kate with anyone other than the future king, Prince William the 39-year-old grew up with pretty much the same experiences as the rest of us.

In April 2011 during her engagement interview with Prince William, she started a rumor that she had a poster of her now-husband hanging on her bedroom wall.

Setting the record straight, Kate told royal reporter Tom Bradby: He wishes! No. No, I had the Levis guy on my wall, not a picture of William. Sorry!”

“Well, it was me in Levis, obviously!” William chimed in with a joke.

Prince William and Kate Middleton first time met while studying at St. Andrews University in Scotland. Being a close friend, they were taking interest with each other. After starting off their relationship in 2003, the two briefly parted ways in 2007 only to get engaged after a while.