Kate Middleton stopped from becoming Queen: Royal rule bans Duchess assuming power

Kate Middleton is married to the future King of England, Prince William, and whether the royal family likes it or not, has immense power in her hands.

However, one royal rule can still stop the Duchess, once she becomes the Queen consort, to take the throne if William dies before Prince George reaches majority.

Constitutional expert Iain MacMarthanne explained, “Unless provided for by Parliament, through legislation, there is no scope whatsoever for a Queen consort to assume regal power.”

Iain added that it is more likely William’s case, his brother Harry would have to become the King of England.

“In the event of Prince William having become king, and dying before Prince George had reached his majority, and there having been no further provisions passed by Parliament – such as in 1953, then the rather anomalous position would arise, given present circumstances, whereby Prince Harry, as next in line who had attained a majority, would become Regent.”