Katie Holmes Still Planning A Move To Australia?

Last year, a tabloid reported that Katie Holmes was permanently relocating to the land down under. Now that a year has passed, we’re revisiting this tale.

In 2019, Katie Holmes visited Australia to help raise funds for the Ronald McDonald House, which provides money and resources for sick children and their families. New Idea, however, purported the trip wasn’t just about helping the less fortunate by claiming the actress planned to relocate to Australia for good.

According to the tabloid, because Holmes put up her Los Angeles home for sale, it was evident the move was taking place. From there, the magazine further revealed the Dawson’s Creek actress was “inspired” by how Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky raised their children away from the spotlight in the coastal town of Byron Bay, which added to her desire to move.

An unnamed insider disclosed when Holmes moved to town, Pataky would introduce the Mad Money star to her brother-in-law, Liam. Gossip Cop wasn’t convinced the story was true. Therefore, we ran the report by a more trusted source, a spokesperson for Katie Holmes.

Our impeccable source confirmed the article was fabricated and even laughed off the silly tale. Now, 365 days later, it’s even more apparent the tabloid had zero insight into the actress’ life. For starters, the Teaching Mrs. Tingle star resides in New York City with her daughter, Suri Cruise.

The actress was recently spotted out in the Big Apple with her new beau, Emilio Vitolo Jr. Additionally, the notion Elsa Pataky would “hook up” Holmes with Liam Hemsworth was just plain ridiculous. The Hunger Games star is dating Gabriella Brooks. Simply put, the magazine took an innocent, charitable trip and turned it into a phony story with no real evidence to support it.

Additionally, this wouldn’t be the first time New Idea has concocted bogus reports about Holmes. Months ago, Gossip Cop corrected an article from the magazine that alleged Holmes was getting married to change Suri’s last name. The narrative came about after the Miss Meadows actress posted a picture of herself in a wedding gown.

The publication was busted by us again for boldly declaring Holmes was pregnant with a baby girl. Gossip Cop checked with a rep for the actress who dismissed the incorrect report as “disgusting and untrue.” We think it’s safe to say anything the tabloid reports should be taken with a very small grain of salt. If that at all.