Ken Jennings Responds To Hater Not Happy He’s Guest Hosting Jeopardy

Following the death of beloved longtime Jeopardy lead Alex Trebek, the popular game show announced it would be having a series of guest hosts until it settled on a permanent replacement. The first to take control of the board will be Ken Jennings.

The initial response among fans was mostly positive, as Jennings is a well-liked former contestant who has experience reading clues, but the pick, of course, also brought out some haters, some of whom feel he’s too bland. In fact, one user said Jeopardy may as well have hired a loaf of bread, and instead of getting offended, Jennings tweeted out a picture of the comment and went back and forth a few times with fans making bread jokes.

The original comment, which is admittedly kind of funny, was posted following the initial announcement that Jennings would be the first guest host. He screenshotted the picture and responded that he couldn’t stop laughing. Here’s a look at his tweet