Kim Kardashian Caught In The Middle Of Kris Jenner, Kanye West’s ‘World War III’

Are Kanye West and his mother-in-law Kris Jenner in a “total war” over the momager’s demands for an in-person apology? One tabloid reports that Kim Kardashian feels caught between her mother and her husband while also working on a $3 billion divorce plan.

This week’s issue of the Globe claims relations between Kanye West and Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kris Jenner have only gotten colder in the months since West revealed family secrets and ranted against the Kardashian family matriarch on social media. Jenner apparently hasn’t forgiven West for either slight and is demanding the rapper apologize for his misdeeds, but he’s refusing.

Referring to Jenner as “Crusty Kris” for some reason, the tabloid alleges that the rapper hasn’t only been making “nasty public jabs” at the mother of six, but has also made several “behind-the-scenes disses” of the reality show that launched the family to stardom. “Spies” for the outlet explain that the bad feelings are totally mutual, with West feeling equally upset with his mother-in-law, saying,

Kanye can’t even hear Kris’ name without storming out of the room in a huff. The idea of sitting down to make peace with her is totally off the table.

“He’s always resented Kris’ hold on her kids,” the source continues, “and he’s vowed to never let her control him like that.” Regardless of how West feels, Jenner supposedly believes she’s owed a “groveling apology” for all the “grief he’s caused the whole family.”

Furthermore, Jenner allegedly also “wants verbal assurances from Kanye about how he’s treating Kim” as well as “proof that he’s seeing a therapist and taking his meds.” West firmly believes that it’s “none of her business,” however, which is further complicating things.

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian is supposedly “negotiating a pre-divorce deal to carve up their $3 billion fortune” after seeing her mother “humiliated” by her husband’s “ugly tweet,” not to mention the fact that West disclosed that he and Kardashian had discussed sensitive information about their oldest daughter in a public manner. The source concludes,

Neither Kris nor Kanye is willing to back down. It’s turned into World War III and Kim’s at a loss what to do about it! These two are both super stubborn!

Based on statements that Kanye West has made in the past via social media, it’s evident that he hasn’t always thought too fondly of his mother-in-law, but it’s definitely a stretch to refer to the nature of their relationship as “World War III.”

The two aren’t even in the same state most of the time, since West has spent much of his coronavirus pandemic lockdown at his Wyoming ranch, while Kris Jenner has remained in California.

Also, it doesn’t make much sense that Kim Kardashian is supposedly “at a loss” about what to do about her husband’s relationship with her mother, considering the fact that she’s allegedly “negotiating a pre-divorce deal.” If she’s planning to divorce West, why would she be at all worried about his relationship with Jenner? It simply doesn’t add up.

Besides, Gossip Cop has already debunked several rumors over the last few months that claimed Kardashian and West’s divorce was imminent. There’s no end to these rumors, yet a divorce has yet to be announced.

For instance, the tabloid once reported that Kim Kardashian had her butt insured for $100 million, but that was blatantly false. A rep for Kardashian denied the rumor, which never really made much sense in the first place.

This outlet recently claimed Caitlyn Jenner was delighted over the ending of KUWTK, much to Kris Jenner’s fury. That story, too, turned out to be nothing more than fiction. It’s starting to seem as if this outlet has a difficult time telling the difference between fiction and reality.