Kris Jenner ‘Humiliated’ After ‘Glorified Gigolo’ Corey Gamble Threatens To Dump Her?

Are Kris Jenner and her longtime boyfriend Corey Gamble “on the rocks?” A tabloid reports this week that Gamble is “ready to walk” out on Jenner because he’s tired of being her “glorified gigolo.

Corey Gamble “Ready To Walk” Out On Kris Jenner?

This week’s issue of the Globe comes with an article entitled “Kris & Corey On The Rocks!” According to the outlet, “humiliated” Kris Jenner is allegedly “stressed to the max” after her “long-suffering boytoy” Corey Gamble threatened to dump her. Jenner has supposedly had a rough time over the last few months as she prepares for her family’s new streaming series and helping her daughter, Kim Kardashian, divorce Kanye West.

In the midst of Jenner’s new projects and family drama, there’s also the matter of the lawsuit filed against her by a former security guard. The suit alleges that Jenner engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct and harassment, which the tabloid insists has hurt Gamble’s relationship with Jenner. Now a source tells the outlet he’s “ready to walk” and has declared “he’s outgrown this role of glorified gigolo to Kris, who has been far from easy company of late.”

Despite his loyalty to the mom of six over the last seven years, Gamble supposedly feels like Jenner has relegated him to the back burner while her work and family takes priority. “The new streaming project is making her schedule even more insane. She’s very heavily involved in masterminding Kim’s divorce,” the tipster snitches, adding that the lawsuit has Jenner “climbing the walls.” All the stress apparently has Jenner putting “pressure on everyone around her,” which has Gamble at his wits end, as a supposed “pal” claims.

As a result of all that’s going on, the source claims Gamble “wants to hit the pause button, head off by himself, then think about coming back once things are less chaotic.” This alleged change might come as a surprise to this tabloid, since the outlet had recently reported that the two were “rock solid last year” and had even made plans to get married.

Gamble ‘Fed Up’ With Being Jenner’s ‘Boytoy’?

But now the “chunky” talent manager is apparently with being nothing more than a boy toy and a source says Jenner will need to up her game to keep Gamble by her side. “Kris needs to show Corey a lot more attention if she wants to turn this around. This is a proud guy who won’t accept being taken for granted,” the snitch concludes.

It’s interesting that this tabloid would refer to its previous reporting that Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble were planning to get married. Gossip Cop saw a similar report in the tabloid’s sister publication OK! and easily debunked it, since Jenner has clearly stated in the past that she’s uninterested in marrying again and has been very content with her relationship. Rumors of a wedding for the two have swirled for years, but that doesn’t mean there’s any truth to them.

Gossip Cop also has a hard time believing this tabloid in general since the outlet has published several articles about Kris Jenner in the past that didn’t hold up well under investigation. It once reported that there was a feud building between Jenner and Charlize Theron over an Instagram post that seemingly mocked Kylie Jenner. The Globe took the post way out of context in order to sell the narrative that the Jenners and Theron were fighting.

There was also the outlet’s story claiming Kim Kardashian was torn between her mother and Kanye West, resulting in “World War III.” The melodramatic tale didn’t hold water, since it continually contradicted itself. This tabloid is always first on the scene with messy drama, but since it often gets the story wrong, it definitely shouldn’t be trusted.